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Koh Chang: Facebook using foreigner said she was denied entry to SCB

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Koh Chang: Facebook using foreigner said she was denied entry to SCB



Picture: Oleksandra S


A foreign woman went on Facebook to claim that she was denied entry to the Siam Commercial Bank because she is a farang.


She said she only wanted to check her account, not do foreign exchange. 


Oleksandra S's. full post (with slight errors amended) is as follows:


"Only Thai people can get inside the bank. Farang prohibited. I have just been there and tried to get inside. Any reason why I cannot do that - they didn't say. I don’t need to exchange money, I need to ask about my account. I tried to call to support, but no reply ( SCB Chai Chet)


The post appeared on Koh Chang Talk. 


Source: Koh Chang Talk




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24 minutes ago, Just1Voice said:

I'm waiting to hear the bank's excuse. lol 

Probably come back with some mealy mouthed excuse about it all being a " misunderstanding " .. That's the usual script when the pony hits the fan .. 

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I just came back from Koh Chang 2 days ago.

Never had a problem anywhere. (Didn't go to a bank.)
At Makro they were doing temperature scans and offering sanitizer squirts at the main entrance. At Big C there wasn't anything, just walk in, shop, pay, walk out.
No hassles at any restaurants or shops we went to.

Some staff at Makro and Big C were wearing masks, some weren't. In fact, most of the people I saw on the island weren't wearing masks at all (Thai and foreigner). The only mask I wore was my snorkelling mask for a bit in the pool (testing) and the ocean (wasn't worth the effort - didn't see a thing). 

Our biggest hassle was, we didn't reserve a room before arriving on the island. My "swmbo" wasn't sure about her travel plans and we were going to do Khao Kitchakut in the morning before driving to Koh Chang and weren't sure if we'd even go to the island that day so we didn't make any reservations.

We got to the ferry terminal and had to wait for the 3rd ferry as the place was full on a Saturday afternoon. We checked out 3 different hotels (2 were full, one had a room but it looked pretty chintzy and they didn't have a pool). The 4th place we went to had a nice pool side (upper level) room with a nice view of the ocean through the front window.

I thought they charged us high season rates but it turns out we'd been given a "Covid" discount rate (about 1,300 baht less than the normal high season rate for the room). The manager said she was giving the discounts to try and keep the place full.
Considering that they were almost full as it was and that the 3 previous places we'd gone to were either full or nearly so, I'd say things were still going quite well on the island.

We came back on Monday morning and were on the first ferry available after we arrived. It was full when we left and the ferry we passed along the way (that was heading to the island) was also full.

Neither of us wore a "medical" mask the entire time and no one gave us any hassles.

I don't suppose the person in the story showed up at the bank wearing next to nothing (i.e. nothing but an overly tight bikini that she should have stopped wearing 30 years and 50 kgs ago) ? 
People often forget to mention such details when they are trying to blame other people for their own actions. I saw a lot of foreigners on the island walking around like they were still on the beach (i.e wearing nothing but a speedo and flip flops).

(A lot of places in Canada used to have a hard and fast rule - No Shirt, No Shoes - NO SERVICE. Maybe the bank has a similar rule ?)

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Armbands with a big F on it.....is that the next move....as she was an account holder she should have persisted with a reason as to why she was being denied entering her bank...and why not just check at the ATM...

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