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Koh Chang: Facebook using foreigner said she was denied entry to SCB

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5 hours ago, smedly said:

love to hear the explanation as to why she was denied access to her bank, maybe she was dirty farang not shower

Did they smell that smell? The smell was around her....

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On 3/19/2020 at 3:52 PM, bluesofa said:

How about:

"The staff in the branch can't speak English very well and were worried in case they couldn't communicate clearly with the foreigner."

Do I win a bullsh!t award for that one?

Nope, because that is remotely feasible.

She had dirty toenails is better.

It's on feaces book so I wouldn't believe it anyway.

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On 3/19/2020 at 5:33 PM, bluedoc said:

It’s true, I tried the same bank In Koh Chang today, only to be turned away. I also went to Bangkok bank just down the road only to be escorted out by a policeman. I tried to tell him that my money was issued by my bank in December and kept in a sealed bag. He got the right hump. So what are we meant to do. This country seems hell bent on making the only people supporting Thailand feel unwanted. The farang tourist. What does the minister of tourism have to say.

I would have contacted the media if this happened to me, but not before telling the police officer to go f*** himself for his racism and never to come to my country. Sorry...but racism is totally unacceptable, especially if banks and official businesses are doing it.


While we've heard of racist attacks against Asians in western countries recently, I have not heard of ONE bank refusing service to an Asian person for being Asian, back home.


We have anti-discrimination laws on the books to prevent this. About time Thailand got out of the 16th century and followed suit.

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