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Entire Train Car Defends Chinese Cancer Survivor From Racist Tourist in the UK

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Riders in a train carriage in Birmingham, England chivalrously defended a Chinese woman from a racist and xenophobic woman who claimed she had COVID-19 for wearing a face mask.


The incident occurred between Grand Central—Redditch station, roughly 8 p.m., and was posted to Facebook by David Superbreed Joyce. In the caption he wrote, “So this RACIST south american woman on the train started calling another chinese woman corona and all sorts of nasty sh!t.”


The unnamed South American woman boarded the carriage and said, “Why are you wearing your mask you Chinese and your corona.”


As Resonate and Joyce reported, he began recording after the Chinese woman explained that she was wearing the mask as a precaution for her health.


“I had cancer last year and had chemotherapy, I have been wearing the mask since before [the] corona outbreak to protect my body on the daily commute,” she said.


In the first of the series of videos, Joyce repeated, “If she wants to wear the mask then she can wear the mask, it doesn’t bother nobody else.” He slammed the slurs, calling it offensive and went on to look incredulously at the camera from what he said being blatantly ignored.


In response, the rest of the people onboard come through to the Chinese woman’s defense.


A man in a tweed jacket and other passengers people begin to call her rude, stating it was ignorant to assume she had coronavirus when she didn’t know her, which the South American woman repeatedly denied yet continued to say “corona.”


“Every day I come commute to this train, this is the first time someone says something [like this] to me,” the Chinese woman said.


“Why are you wearing a mask if it doesn’t matter?” she went on.


“It’s none of your business, leave her alone,” Joyce said to the chorus of people agreeing in the background.


The South American woman continued to pester the Chinese woman, clapping and loudly saying, “You’re in England” and “This is England. England.”


Full article

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More and more examples of the wonderful leadership of BoJo and Trump

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Props the the people who defended the Chinese lady. 


Unfortunately the stress caused by this global event (Covid-19) outbreak is going to highlight the flaws in societies emotionally fearful and mentally weak as they pick on minorities and the weak to express and release their frustration. 


Fortunately society also has a lot of good people and I hope they can continue to stand up in the face of bigotry, bullying and ultimately outrageous stupidity. 

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What I don't get is...why would anyone have a problem with someone wearing a mask? Also, isn't it almost compulsory in some places to wear one to go out in public?


Just off the top of my head...in the following countries/places face masks are mandatory:


Czech Republic (a European country obviously) - mandatory to go out in public.


Vietnam - mandatory when out in public


China - mandatory for school children and possibly for everyone out in public


Thailand - voluntary, but mandatory for riding in public transportation at this point in time


There may be many more local or national mandates in different countries.

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