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Phuket Immigration extends permits to stay for foreigners stuck in Thailand

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Are u people ever happy with anything here? I don't know why the Thais put up with us to be honest and I certainly don't know why most of you miserable negative lot live here

So, your embassy is open and ready to provide the letter required for this extension? And Lt. Col. Udom states "doing so right now risks infection", but sending people into their embassies for this le

The insanity! Amazing Thailand.     

28 minutes ago, Canuck1966 said:

IDC will be rammed when immigration prints off their daily reports and sees loads of low hanging fruit to bump up their figures.

There will be photo ops galore and high fives


It will be really nice in IDC when somebody who gets chucked in is infected

Exstension how much 1900 baht I expect so they will not let 1900 baht slip  through there fingers got to get the millions back what they are losing 

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