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Asinine and unfair closings

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11 hours ago, Trujillo said:

I hate to pay 4,000 baht for a pair and that's without the lenses.

Khun Trujillo, you can decent (durable, not fashionista name brand rip-off) frames here for so much less; are your frames made of kryptonite ?



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Closing massage parlors is stupid.  These places could be models for "social distancing." You are in close contact with one person, you are separated from others by at least 6 feet and a curtain,

it is exactly the first best place to close. the idea is to get as far away from other the human beings as possible.  not having a person touching you and then another and another and breath

Who said that life must be fair? Just have to follow the rules. It ain´t that hard.

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18 hours ago, Logosone said:

Hopefully they can produce the test kits in sufficient numbers in time. I expect tests will be available akin to pregnancy tests that will be quick and easy.By that time our far sighted governments will have ensured we live in the stone age anway and internet, electricity and hospitals will be a distant memory as we grapple with two sticks to make a fire. Thanks to the prolonged economic suicide which has been forced upon us thanks to the overreaction by late-firing governments, in order to save 2000 81 year olds.


Such optimism is impressive !



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