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Asinine and unfair closings

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9 hours ago, greeneking said:

30-60 day suspension of business will be financial ruin for many....

Not having enough put by to pay the rent for a few months....people like that don't deserve to run a business...business as in business acumen

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Closing massage parlors is stupid.  These places could be models for "social distancing." You are in close contact with one person, you are separated from others by at least 6 feet and a curtain,

it is exactly the first best place to close. the idea is to get as far away from other the human beings as possible.  not having a person touching you and then another and another and breath

Who said that life must be fair? Just have to follow the rules. It ain´t that hard.

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2 hours ago, Lacessit said:

According to the latest news from there ( yes, I know false data is possible, if not probable ) they have had their first day where no new cases have been recorded/diagnosed.

I agree and have put my views on record.


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23 minutes ago, pookondee said:

I agree. 

As far as the bars closing, Its akin to the religious holidays in Thailand when folks moan about the bars being closed for 1 day.

when we hear it said:

If you can't do without it for 1 day, then you have bigger personal issues to consider.


Well, this is a very good reason for those places to close for a while. 

Its all about doing anything and everything we can NOW, to minimize the spread.


If we do nothing and this virus really spreads and takes hold, then its not just our local areas, but ALL the worlds economies, financial systems..the lot..

will go into meltdown.

Its a scary scenario.


And as far as Thailand is concerned,

is even scarier, since (unlike the west) 

Thailand has NEVER had any sufficient welfare systems in place for 

ANY sector of Thai society.


I think we can all agree, 500 baht per month WONT cut it.


That means if there is long term shutdowns, and massive loss of jobs, then millions of Thai people will left on their own with ZERO income,

not even 300baht a day


You dont have to be an Oxford scholar to see how thats gonna work out.


Its probably why many people have been advising for some time, for westerners to get out of Asia. 


Yet we read on here some people are still trying to find ways around the travel restrictions and scrambling to get back into Thailand thinking it will somehow be better to "wait it out in Thailand" 



Exactly! Closing some is better than nothing, but what has to be done by each and every country right now is total lockdown.

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This article is very well on point: 

A question of who we are


"The most important change in the way individuals are viewed in the 21st century is the shift from a presumption of resilience towards defining individuals by their vulnerability."


Exactly. Its not how tough you are that makes you valuable in today's society, but how weak you are. 


"Today, vulnerability is one of the defining features of personhood. As a result, the cultural script that now influences everyday life tends to call into question the capacity of people to deal with adverse experiences. Once vulnerability is seen to trump human resilience, people’s ability to deal with adversity can end up being compromised. More importantly, the current exaltation of vulnerability can inflate the sense of helplessness that many of us feel when confronted with emergencies."

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Why do people wait until the government steps in and requires businesses to close?  As individuals we could impact the closure of those businesses by staying away, which we'd have to do anyway if the business was forced to close.  That's the point.  Avoid crowds and avoid some chance of passing along the virus.  This is fundamental: you don't want to be the one who infects others.


Being restricted to your home won't be so bad; in fact, it's most likely comfortable, much more comfortable than a hospital bed and a ventilator.

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Trujillo, voices of sanity like yours are now in a minority, as the overwhelming fear grabs the majority and you can see the whites in their eyes.


They hate you for your good sense and even more for being immune to the fear that befalls them.


Just like you can't win against stupidity you can't win against fear and panic. 

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11 hours ago, geriatrickid said:

Yes, it is everywhere, but unfortunately here is what we are seeing in real time;

- Snowbirds from Canada  have been returning home. Many of them have refused to self isolate such that they present a risk to the general population.

- Almost all of the infections in parts of the USA and Canada have been sourced from travelers, specifically the EU, and Caribbean. 

- Some EU countries who have had fewer international travelers have had fewer infections.

- China is seeing the reintroduction of infection because of people coming back from the EU.


The international  suspension is just that, a temporary measure. Ideally, all international travelers would self isolate before and after traveling but many refuse. One need only look at TVF to see the mentality of some people. Or  look at the idiots congregating in the outside beer bars.


Domestic flights in  Canada & the USA  are quickly ramping down from 50% capacity to probably  25%. The  domestic travel is allowed because there is a need for some to travel. 

Some EU countries  have selfish, ignorant populations who refused to accept  the need for self isolation. Others have. Why should the responsible countries and people suffer because some only think of themselves.


After seeing the idiots partying and the crowded venues in the UK, why would anyone want to continue international travel with the UK? Same for  France and Italy. The Italians are getting it now.  Look at the jerks on spring break in Florida.  Many people who chose to get on an airplane to travel internationally as much as a month ago were aware of the crisis. They must accept responsibility for their own choices. Those of us who saw this coming in January and acted accordingly have a right to protect ourselves

As the old country and western song says. Turn out the lights the party is over. In the NW of Florida, the Sheriff’s warned the spring breakers to stay in small crowds and follow the safety warning. Well go figure, the Spring breakers said YEA Whatever.


So, the Sheriff’s closed down the beaches and spring break, Played the old country and western song, YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO HOME BUT YOU CAN’T STAY HERE. I believe the rest of Florida is following to include Miami Beach.

Which by the way I expect the IO here in Thailand, unfortunately will start playing for the ones doing the border runs to stay in country.

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