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Jonathan Fairfield

Phuket Immigration jammed with foreigners, expats on non-immigrant visas forced to leave the country

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1 hour ago, RichardColeman said:

How ? 

Walking, Bicycle, Motorbike or car.

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1 minute ago, stevenl said:

For staying that long you should be on extension of stay, so no borderruns necessary.

I think he might be doing marriage extensions from either Laos or Vietnam, where you can get 12 month multi entry extensions for family/marriage without having to provide proof of funds/income.   I believe the cost is 5000 baht (or equivalent in US dollars in Vietnam).   The criteria though is you have to do a border hop every 90 days.   Given the new requirement of Covid-19 free certification plus $100,000 insurance, that must be a nightmare for those who have this type of visa.

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1 minute ago, Assurancetourix said:

Why make it simple when you can make it complicated ?

Thai decision-making is usually done from the top down by oe ill-informed man without consultation - this is the result.

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1 hour ago, chowny77 said:

So BKK Immigration head office said it would be fine to extend visas immaterial of the visas nature until the situation is under control. Just fill in the form and pay the fee. But Phuket Immigration are using their own set of rules and making it up as they go along. I would of been straight on the hotline to Immigration asking who actually sets the rules, Phuket or Bangkok? Useless bunch of time wasters all of them anyway

If you've read enough of these posts on Thai Visa you would know that rules are based upon different offices doing things the way they like. I'm not defending them and I don't think it's right but that's how it's been and that's how it's always going to be

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