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Phuket Immigration confirms B500 a day overstay fines are being levied

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6 hours ago, Psimbo said:

Finally- something to divert thaigeezers outrage away from the Beemers. 🥰


Ever think that some people (like those annoying 'French' lady parts on PCXs) may be trying to use the current problems as an excuse to overstay or just fade into the background?  People overstaying on purpose and people who are not extending visas are just taking a chance. There is a system coming into play to assist people with genuine problems but its not going to kick in overnight, as seen by the big queues at Phuket Immigration today.


Spare a thought for the coal face officers having to deal with nationals from a whole hodgepodge of countries- they are just trying to process people as they have been told to do. I would be surly at times as well dealing with some of the people I see in the Phuket Office.


Two sides to every argument but genuine overstayers have no reason not to expect to be punished.

so why are they insisting their Thai nationals outside of  Thailand also provide health certs to get back in and denying them without it

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1 hour ago, longevity said:

After 15+ years here, myself, wife and kids can't wait to escape. 

And go where? This <deleted>.s.h.o.w. is world-wide. 😱

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