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PHOTOS: Immigration at Chaeng Wattana heaving with foreigners desperately trying to extend their visas

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PHOTOS: Immigration at Chaeng Wattana heaving with foreigners desperately trying to extend their visas


Image: @wirojlak


The Thai Immigration office at Chaeng Wattana has been inundated with foreigners desperately trying to extend their visas due to travel restrictions in place following the outbreak of COVID-19.


The immigraiton office, located at Government Complex in Bangkok, is well known for its long queues, with foreigners often forced to wait for hours on end to renew their permission to remain in Thailand, inform immigration of a change of address or to carry out the required 90 day report.


However, after many neighbouring countries closed their borders and airlines started cancelling flights to and from Thailand, thousands of tourists have been left stranded in the country with their visas either close to or having already expired.






Thai Immigration has stated that foreigners whose travel plans have been disrupted by COVID-19 can obtain a 30 day extension, providing they obtain a letter from their embassy.


This has resulted in many immigration offices in Thailand being packed with foreigners in recent days - at a time when there is huge importance on members of the public practicing social distancing in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Photos shared to Twitter showed scores of foreigners waiting at Chaeng Wattana on Tuesday, while many people were seen wearing masks, no social distancing measures were in place. 


And it was a similar scene on Wednesday, according to blogger Richard Barrow, who shared images of throngs of people queing at Chaeng Wattana at 5.30am.



A report posted on Thaivisa on Monday described the scenes at Chaeng Wattana as “chaotic”.


A British tourist also told Thaivisa on Wednesday that the Phetchaburi immigration office in Tha Yang was equally as busy. 


The news comes as immigration on Tuesday announced new measures that would help ensure to keep people one metre apart when inside the Government Complex. 




*post updated to include the ^ tweet directly above




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-03-25


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I thought the government instructed all their offices to enforce social distancing ...minimum 1 m or 3 feet

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