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Receiving Home Deliveries

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17 minutes ago, Brightly said:

Hi max69xl,


it’s important to remember that not everyone engages in the “activities of daily living” (ADLs) in the same way.


I am disabled and use a wheelchair.  Food prep is hard for me, and I have relied on meal deliveries for years here.


I want to give a big shout out to MEALS ON WHEELS 4U.  Yeah, I dig Foodpanda, and you can’t beat their prices....but MEALS ON WHEELS 4U has been there through thick and thin for me.  Mike, the owner, has consistently been there to work out my minor concerns and issues I’ve had over the years.  He’s a gem, and his employees are just the best.


Also, as an aside with regard to bleach... I hate to say it because it sounds so US-centric, but Clorox really is the best bleach!  (And they are an amazing company as well.  Hats off to Clorox!).

Most every other bleach brand is watered down to some extent, whether it be in the West, or here.  HOW watered-down...who knows?  I don’t know, and I don’t know how to find out.


I’m still using alcohol-based disinfectants, but I did buy a bunch of Thai bleach six weeks ago, “just in case.”  And I love bleach— my whites are always the whitest!  Gotta love bleach that bleach.


When it comes down to it, I’ll try to figure if there’s a better bleach/water ratio with local bleach, but I’m not gonna sweat it too much:  I can always add a bit more bleach to the ratio, and as long as my skin doesn’t peel off in the process, it should be OK.


I wish health and sanity to us all!




I do understand it must suck being stuck to a wheelchair and Foodpanda is ok, especially now when the delivery is free. But, you're not paying anything to Foodpanda, the restaurants do. I have checked some prices in the Jomtien area and they are exactly same even if I buy straight from the restaurant. I'm actually thinking about ordering a pizza tonite or tomorrow even if I have a fully stocked fridge/freezer. 

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I saw this short-and-sweet PSA on food handling online:


Worried about infection from take-out or groceries? Watch these 3 tips

I hope this URL copied and pasted properly (!)


It’s on the CNN website today.

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