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Can I tavel to Khon Kean and Back?

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Thanks all, me and the boy have been on quite along holiday, firstly in the UK before this started kicking off too serious really.


I do get some of the comments, albeit some maybe a bit extreme lol, however the head villageman has said my son can go in only, yai/grandad would be in a car and pick him up from the airport (i wont leave the airport). He will have his mask on and I keep him clean. To be honest, this condo is quite large, and my thinking is, soon as a few come down with it in this condo everyone will and its very hard to keep a kid from touching anythinng in a small condo, plus I think Chiang Mai is going to get it bad.


All aside from this Yai is obviously missing my boy as she hasnt seen him for months, she doesnt really get alot ofit as she is elderly but they are all doing good in the village to keep clean and I assume as they eat more healthy, get out in the sun and probably have stronger immune systems isaan would be best for him than here, neither is ideal I can say that,


We are due to fly tomorrow after along time indoors, I am told by some I will get in trouble by the army, and then I have spoke others Thai (in isaan side) who said it will be fine, anyway I will chace it as I want my lad back with yai, he eats alot more healthy there and he has been kept clean so once he is in he will be good until things get back to normal and his school opens, I dont want him locked in Chiang Mai with the army locking us in condos with 100`s of infected people... extreme maybe but could well happen, and that wont happen in the village, I lived in the village for many years and know them all well, its one big family with stuff like this. 


Thank you for the replies, even to the extreme ones heh

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