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Half Thai legalization headache at district office? (Not Covid related)

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Hey all.

I was wondering if anyone had any insight...

I’ve been going through this process for a while now. 
I am half Thai on my father’s side.

He moved to the USA forty years ago (Still alive), which left pretty much 0 paper trail for me to follow. When I was born, he never registered my birth with the Thai embassy in Washington DC, leading me to just recently do so. I now have my Thai birth certificate, not yet an ID card or passport. At the embassy in DC I was told if I returned to Thailand with my Thai birth certificate, it would be enough to be put onto a house registration and then obtain my ID card and subsequently Thai passport. So, I returned to Thailand (on a visa exemption), and went to the district office with my aunt...where of course, they requested more. Now, because my Thai isn’t great and neither is my aunt’s, my understanding was that they requested the following - my parents US marriage certificate translated into Thai and then stamped by the ministry of foreign affairs, and THREE power of attorney forms filled out by my dad and stamped by the Thai embassy in DC. While this sounds reasonable, has anyone else been through this?? I want to make sure nothing is missing before it gets sent here, as this journey’s already sent me across the planet once. 

- Dylan

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