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If a 24 hour lockdown is imposed, how will we extend our visas?

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10 minutes ago, Max69xl said:

Even during a 24 hour lockdown you are allowed to buy food,go to the pharmacy or seeing a doctor. No one has to order food online just because of a curfew. That's optional. I have been using home delivery from Tesco Lotus since late 2017 when almost no one knew it existed. I think most of the people incl you have misunderstood the rules during an eventual curfew. They want people to stay at home during the evening and night. 

Max I did not misunderstand, my post was marked for what the OP was about if there was a 24 hour lock down imposed, and not targeted at a curfew.  I can not answer his question about Visa Extensions as that is pure speculation on anybody's part.  I know the difference between a curfew and being sequestered and assure you that getting to places I needed to go out of necessity would be done expediently, safely, and with complete social distancing in mind during a curfew.  However, if they decided to lock down the city as some cabinet  members would like for 7 days, wont happen in my view, my post about online shopping, and the blue flag convoys was aimed towards that possibility..... 

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put 500 B on the side every day to cover the cost of overstay what ever sh # t   they came up with am sure  wand  be free, keep smiling 

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