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Chanthaburi very quiet

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Drove onto Chan to Big C today, very light traffic on the roads. I guess the stay at home message is working.


In our area the local administrators have been round to all the small restuarants, noodle shops etc, telling them they can only do delivery and take out service now. 


Despite all the negative <deleted> you see on these forums, it seems to me that locals are taking it very seriously and adhering to the advice.

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we were sprayed today in tha chang, lol, just hours after the girl took the bug spray to the ants..

i pointed out to her we are now like the ants...and we had a laugh, what else can you do

people in this village are out for the usual two hours 16-18:00 but dont really go past the soi.

i get a bike ride in every day - it is a very good 'social distancing' type of activity. outside in fresh air (wow see how much china contributes to the smog, this year has been great) and always on the move.


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