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Recommended neurologist / radiologist for chiari malformation

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Hello all,


Looking for recommendations as the title says, neurologist / radiologist for chiari malformation.
I'm diagnosed with ME/CFS, which is primarily a diagnosis of exclusion. My symptoms are very severe, disabling brain fog and painful fatigue to an extent that can't be aptly put into words.


Chiari malformation is a common co-morbidity with ME/CFS. And some patients have seen complete remission of their symptoms by treating something known as craniocervical instability -- also an issue in the brain stem region.


I've already had a brain MRI done at Prachachuen MRI (MRI Thailand), and to my unexpert eyes, there does seem to be some cerebellar herniation.




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You could try this neurologist. His primary sub-specialization is headache and sleep medicine, but he has some experience with Chiari malformation (which it is highly unlikely you have) and would certainly be able to recognize it on a scan









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