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Should I tell another Farang man that the Thai girlfriend he loves is cheating on him?

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There is no "duty". It is 100% none of your business. You are trying to get back at her for conning you for a while.

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I am wondering how long it will be before the extreme religious folk start claiming this virus is punishment for folks "immoral and wicked ways"?


As the O.P says, the guy is probably relatively safe, in a more effective and better organised lockdown in his own country.


Cant say the same for the girl in Thailand tho.


Id say her love for money and belief that the virus will not touch her because she is "kon Thai" will not stop her lying and running around with other multiple farangs.


So theres every chance the guy might not have to pay her monthly wหore salary much longer once this virus takes hold.


And if so, i can think of a certain Thai term (3 syllables) that might be quite fitting.

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