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Koh Samui and the virus: First case of Covid-19 reported - it's a 49 year old French man

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1 hour ago, Virt said:

Temperature control only catch those having a fever. Tons of people having the Corona virus never develops any fever at all or even get symptoms. But still infect. Many of us could have the disease and not even knowing it, which is why it's so spooky, because we could run around spreading it. I got 6 more days left in quarantine after returning to Europe from Thailand and will be nice to get outside again. No symptoms so far, but I wish everyone could get a antibody test to see if we had it or not. Now I have to worry about catching this disease when I get out, but if I knew I had it allready I could relax. 

Asymptomatic spread of the virus does not appear all that common at this time. Otherwise, I think the spread of infection would be much faster. I would suggest anyone who has any infection, should isolate until they have recovered - unless it's serious enough for a visit to the hospital. Coronavirus Infection is still mainly though droplet infection (coughing/sneezing) or though contamination of surfaces. Keeping ones distance, wearing masks correctly, and the use of sanitisers are still the main ways to reduce the rate of spread. Most people outside Bkk don't do this yet, and this is a worry. Not until dozens of grandparents start dying, and by then it could be too late. 

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