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Thailand runs short of eggs

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Thailand runs short of eggs





The price of eggs has increased due to hoarding by people worried about the Covid-19 virus – and the rising summer temperature making hens less productive.


Songkhla farmer Boonserm Kaewthongrat said this week his 6,000 hens have slumped to about 4,500 eggs a day.




Phongsathorn Karabun, an egg trader in Lampang’s Ban Fon market, said the price has risen by Bt10-Bt15 per dozen, but he hasn’t witnessed any hoarding.




The Commerce Ministry, aiming to resolve the price and supply issues, banned egg exports for seven days beginning on Thursday (March 26).




“Due to the Covid-19 situation, domestic consumption has risen by 2-3 times, causing shortages in some areas,” Minister Jurin Laksanawisit said.




“The seven-day ban is a trial period. If the situation does not improve by next week, we may consider extending it.”


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30384927



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-03-27
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Posters will be cracking yokes about this story all day and everyone will get eggsasperated.

Do you mean "eggspert"?

Too bad he wasn't wearing his lucky omulette...

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Grapaow moo sai khai dao will be expensive now

I can imagine the fried rice will be sans eggs too

Going to be some hungry folk as eggs are a good filler especially when you eat dreadful white rice with every meal


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Why do folks buy eggs at Macro or any store for that matter. I'm sure most if not all provinces have the people selling from their homes on the roadside. Eggs are fresh, out of the nest that day and straight to purchaser.

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11 minutes ago, GordyS said:

Whenever there is a topic about eggs, everybody uses the tried and tested puns.

Doesn't happen for anything else, strange really

 I haven't noted and I think you're eggxaggerating  🙀
(haha someone beat me to it !) post edit

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1 hour ago, Yorkshire Tea said:

They were discounting them in Makro last monday!

And yesterday had a security guard at them....max one tray per person...still plenty for sale on Facebook at 170 baht

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