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Here are two quotes, from two Great Americans, Benjamin Franklin and Ronald Reagan, dedicated to all those, worldwide, who, locked in their home, religiously wait for the new restrictions that will ho

all the crazies coming out today   

Someone voices a different opinion and you call them crazy... I would call people not thinking for themselves crazy, but that's again just my opinion 😉

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34 minutes ago, owl sees all said:

<snip>This is akin to putting strong magnets close to a USB loaded with your favourite pics. When you next view the pics they are unrecognisable <snip>

any pix of me more than 4 years ago are unrecognisable ... was 5G around then ? i can't remember ... yikes is that a symptom too?

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6 minutes ago, Enoon said:

It may not appear helpless or complacent.


To do nothing would completely undermine, except in the most tyrannical and oppressive state, its power.

Quite right.

It is,in fact,fulfilling the role laid down for it in Thomas Hobbes' 'Leviathan'

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11 minutes ago, A Los for words said:

I wonder what the new net figures will be....I would have thought social/physical distancing and shutdowns/lockdowns would reduce road deaths at this time.

I'm expecting RTA deaths to reduce as well. Most of these deaths occur on rural roads and in our rural area the roads are much quieter than usual.

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