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Here are two quotes, from two Great Americans, Benjamin Franklin and Ronald Reagan, dedicated to all those, worldwide, who, locked in their home, religiously wait for the new restrictions that will ho

all the crazies coming out today   

Someone voices a different opinion and you call them crazy... I would call people not thinking for themselves crazy, but that's again just my opinion 😉

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2 minutes ago, Why Me said:

I searched for Lloyd Burrell's credentials. He has none.


Either one of the following is true:

1. He is a 5G crackpot but of an enterprising sort making money.

2. He's an entirely cynical person making money off crackpots.

The interview with Frank Clegg, former president of Microsoft Canada is well worth a watch.


It's included also in the article mentioned below:

12 minutes ago, Peter Denis said:


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Just now, cornishcarlos said:


Are you Chinese by any chance ???

Yes a chineese who have a mission to bring down the western power and economic by give them a false virus, so everything have to stop. World take over, yellow power. 

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9 minutes ago, Tagged said:



How the f you ended up in Thailand the first place? Make me thinking about what you writing, how can you stay here? 


Is it a pre requisite now to stop thinking to qualify for a visa ??


I'm still thinking and still happy, unlike a lot it would seem...


@BritManToo was never married in U.K and met my wife (who is Thai) in a different country but ended up here anyway 😉

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