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Nigerian on nine year overstay is "ice" smuggler to Japan

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Do you really need 12 people for a press conference in the current climate?   I'll answer that: NO!   Egocentric idiots!

That photo looks more something the taliban would release

These immigration photo shoots are getting heavier by the day.   Next week there will be two tastefully arranged Bren guns at 45 degree angles either end of the table plus a kiddies paddling

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19 minutes ago, colinneil said:

Hello you bunch of dipsticks, there is a pandemic going on, and all you lot can do is pose for pathetic photos.

This is being done by the head honcho of immigration, pathetic bloody pathetic.

People are wondering why immigration officers are making silly decisions, well just look at their boss, more interested in getting a photo op, than thinking about social distancing.

It's typical of Thai management at all levels in nearly every organisation in the country. 


They really don't have a clue what they are meant to be doing and are completely unable to think out the box. 


Thus, ridiculous decisions and idiotic platitudes to the owners are the order of the day. 

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17 minutes ago, tonray said:

But without the sawing off heads

may as  well do because they aint 1  metre  apart and realistically it should be TWO  but  no ones told em that yet

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1 hour ago, marin said:

So he managed to go in and out of Thailand smuggling ice to Japan with a 9 year old visa. More telling of how poor Thai Immigration officers are than anything else..

No he didn't manage to do that, read the OP properly.  Fidelis, the one with the 9-year overstay, (or "Fedderlix or Gamara"), was not the one doing the traveling, the OP very clearly states that he was the ringleader that the traffickers led the police to.


Your comment is much more telling about the ability of comprehension of some members than it is of "how poor Thai Immigration officers are".

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