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Anybody else don't care about COVID and ignores it?

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Just now, Berkshire said:

I may become an alcoholic by the time this thing runs its course.


It was heartening to note that, whilst there wasn't an egg in sight, our local Tesco had over-stocked the booze aisle.


Meanwhile, the only major change we have (I'm not a great one for out and about socialising) is that DIY activities are curtailed. I can still get steel, concrete etc. but things like Conwood tend only to be in stock at the big places and they're shut, at least in greater BKK.

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1 minute ago, AndyAndyAndy said:

I'm in big village/small city in North-east Thailand.


Changes: about 10% of people are wearing a mask. Tesco checks your temperature. 7/11 employees are wearing masks&gloves. That's it!


All shops are open. All business are open. Everything is open. People are going about their normal everyday life. Streets are full. It's only when I check ThaiVisa people are barricading themselves in the houses, raiding food stores and preparing for the end of the world. 😵😵😵

Lucky you.  Chiang Mai is in partial lockdown, so almost everything closed.  I hear BKK, KK, and various other cities are the same.

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