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Jonathan Fairfield

Thailand's Covid-19 cases might almost double in a few days: dean

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Thailand's Covid-19 cases might almost double in a few days: dean




Covid-19 cases in Thailand might jump to 2,000 people within two weeks, Prof Dr Prasit Watanapa, dean of the faculty of medicine, Siriraj Hospital said during a press conference about the Covid-19 test kit on Friday (March 27).


He said that currently, Thai people can be divided into three groups:


The first group is people who do not have symptoms and do not have risk of infection. He recommended not seeking any examination and to remain indoors in their house.


The second group is people who have risk of infection including those who returned from overseas, boxing stadiums, risky locales where Covid-19 cases were discovered. He recommended that they see a doctor.


“They have to undergo 14 to 21 days self-quarantine if the examination shows negative result, while hospitals can handle patients only one week because the number of Covid-19 is increasing every day.” Prof Dr Prasit said.


The third group is people who have both symptoms and risk of infection in which case he advised them to receive treatment at hospitals.


Prof Dr Prasit said that even if only 10 people still socialised, they could lead to 67 million people getting infected.

“The number of Covid-19 cases in both Bangkok and other provinces hit 1,000 people, while Malaysia hit 2,000 people,” he said.


“If we do not stop the spread, there might be a shortage of medical teams and supplies, while the death toll would rise. If one person in a medical team gets infected, they must undergo 14 days quarantine.”


He said that some of Thai people do not have discipline especially those who returned to their hometowns, so he expected that the number of Covid-19 cases may rise to 2,000 people within a few days.


“The number of Covid-19 cases may be stable for 3-4 days, but we expect that the number would jump within two weeks,” he said.


“We are still at risk, so there is a chance that the number of patients will increase, while patients may have more severe symptoms.”


He added that this week alone, Siriraj Hospital had used 200 personal protective equipment a day as the number of patients is increasing.


“Countries worldwide need medicines and supplies, so all we need to do is reduce the usage of medicines and supplies as much as we can,” he added.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30384980



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-03-28
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9000 by mid April if it follows trend.Hope not.

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To much speculation. We know it will be worse before it gets better. Let just hope it doesn't effect us. 

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1 hour ago, Jonathan Fairfield said:

some of Thai people

its  more than "some"  pal try "most" dont worry  though as  long as it  looks  like youre  doing something such as  donning  your  mask things will be  fine

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