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If there is an alcohol ban, do you care?

If there is an alcohol ban, do you care?  

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I don't have a problem going without Alcohol.   I have a problem with Puritanical, Authoritarian, Hypocritical Governments using the COVID19 outbreak as an excuse to tell the population what

My cupboards are full of the stuff.   But yes, living in a nanny state does bother me. I’m an adult, I should be able to freely buy a beer whenever I so desire. 

Not in the slightest, never touch the stuff ! 😃   BUT it does effect me, how? because of all those apparently dependent on it and post their panic on here for me to sort out ! 😷🤪

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16 minutes ago, JaiMaai said:

Actually, while I may not often want a drink and really don't drink a lot anymore — there's something about being told I can't that makes me want one.

You can want one, you just can't buy it. 😉 

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Seems like a good idea to have a somewhat good immune defense these days if corona comes knocking on the doors.

So would just stock up a little and not go overboard and consume a whole lot.


This Covid 19 messes with our lives in so many different ways.

Will be a rough year for sure.


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I've been cooking more & from scratch.....It's giving me something different to do, the girls like it & my wife likes not cooking.....

When I cook I'll enjoy a drink as I've never really enjoyed cooking but like the end product.....

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We got caught out compared with many. We only got to hear about at around 5 pm last night. And the shutters came down at midnight!


And as we don't have a car we could only grab a little. No matter though as I don't drink much nowadays,


but there's one thing I want to have in reserve. A bottle of whisky just in case the dreaded lurgy does reach the ML domain. A hot toddy is  my reach for drink on the rare occasions that I do catch a virus.

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