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Dating and Hookup apps in the era of Coronavirus

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The Thai Friendly website, and a few like it, are probably keeping a good few of the working girls in some kind of money earning employment and therefore aiding their families in a time of crisis.  I

Just put a condom over the phone.  

In a world with a moral conscience this kind of app would not exist. They bring the <deleted> of consumerist existence into human relationships, creating consumerism even in sentimental relation

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50 minutes ago, bkk6060 said:

How was it?

I'm trying to figure out how to DIY, being a cheap charlie, but the instructions require toilet paper rolls and I'm fresh out. 

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Love the CoronaSutra guide. If you're interested in helping needy social hostesses ( they're still plentiful in their home bar streets) After all they do live above the bars. May I suggest getting a pocket full of hundred baht notes and hand em out to the ladies but uniformly and with a wah and a smile. You'll feel good about it and can still observe your personal distancing and meet alot of new "friends" ...Dating apps are a great way to pass the time and have met some amazing people there ( career types with real jobs). We are golden to them . So have fun no commitment necessary. When in doubt DELETE !

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On 3/31/2020 at 6:40 PM, Jingthing said:

I'm not interested in the sexual morality part of it. People use the apps in different ways, there are different kind of apps, indeed it's not uncommon for people to find their marriage partner on the apps. But normally STDS are a risk but people can take measures to help prevent STDS and still date new people. But with this new virus just getting together for a coffee is likely to spread the virus.

You concern are touching. Shall we launch an online petition to close all dating apps?

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One should help with isolation and offer rent free isolation, accommodation and free food to at least 3 until the crisis is over. 

You will remember the period of the Corona virus and it's quarantine for the rest of your life 🤗❤️

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On 3/31/2020 at 6:47 PM, Isaanbiker said:

Using Google search would show you many ways to find what you're looking for.


Of course, waiting for a virus test will be a big turn off.


Love is a crazy thing. 


Parks and saunas....


   Gay Romeo without Juliet, perhaps? 

Especially at 8,000 to 18,000 baht each for a test here. 

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