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90 days report at Chamchuri Square, March 31

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I don't usually post about my 90 days report but I decided to do so because the process was a little different today. I work for a BOI approved company so I can do my paperwork at the One Stop Center for Visa and Work Permit at Chamchuri Square. Reporting online and in the application never worked for me, I never tried by post but I might next time if it's not back to normal.


Usually i'm done within 20~30 minutes with my passport and tm47 receipt in hand but today it took way more time than expected. Here's how it went:

- At the entrance of the usual room there is a manual alcohol dispenser that you're instructed to use by the staff before entering.

- I was not able to procure a form beforehand so I brought my own pen to fill one, empty tm47 forms are available at the right of the entrance in a tray marked "90 วัน" at the front of the queue next to the officer.

- With the form completed and my passport in hand I queued to get a queue number. An officer is enforcing the distance between queuing people. The queue was short and I reached the officer in about 3 minutes.

- The officer took my form and my passport, checked the content and handed me queue number. She then told me to write my phone number on a small paper and come back at the time printed on my queue number (2:30pm). This is the main difference, plan two trips to Chamchuri Square on the same day or plan to stay around for 3 hours because it's not the 20 minutes process you previously experienced.

- I came back at about 2:20pm and I was directed to the BOI side of the elevator (not the visa center) to collect my passport. Again, instructed to spray alcohol on my hands before entering. My passport was already there along with another hundred or so passports. An officer took my queue number and handed it back to me with the tm47 receipt.


The place was not more crowded than usual but people were everywhere because they tried to distance themselves from eachother.


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U have to fill in a form ?

I haven't had to do that for the last 3 visits here in Chiang Rai.

All I do is roll up with my passport in hand. 

Hard to see exactly what they do but all I see is a folded piece of cardboard stapled to one page with the next reporting date showing.


Generally takes less than 5 minutes.

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Same as OneeyedJohn. In Si Saket, previous 90 report process was:

stick passport in plastic tray marked 90 days. Officer takes passport, containing TM6, old 90 day receipt, etc, looks on computer, changes date on the document, then prints it, signs it and stamps it. Tears off notification on bottom of printed form, staples said notification in passport, shove s passport back in tray marked 90 days, shouts name, client pushes off. New date for 90 is highlighted on the printed form when the date is changed. Normally no longer than 15 minutes, depending on how busy they are/were.

A little different now it's Corona virus time. But not much...

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Did my 90-day at the One Stop Center today. Same as you describe except it was immediate. No idea why they asked me to write down my phone number because as soon as I showed the front desk ladies that my form was filled out, she came out from behind the desk and directed me straight to the usual 90-day report desk. I was in and out in five minutes. I arrived at 2:30pm which I've found to be the best time to do it under normal circumstances as well.

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