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Man Charged for Breaking Quarantine in Italy to Catch ‘Pokémon’

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An Italian man has been charged for breaking quarantine in Italy to allegedly play “Pokémon Go” as Italy faces a country-wide lockdown due to COVID-19.


The 31-year-old man, whose name was not revealed, encountered the Italian Carabinieri (Italy’s main police force) while he was out with his daughter playing “Pokémon Go” in San Fermo, a small town in northern Italy, during the quarantine, according to Italian news site Leggo via Business Insider.


“I have to hunt the Pokémon,” the man told authorities when he was asked why he disregarded the country’s lockdown rules. He was later charged for his actions.


Italy has surpassed China and it is now a country with the second-highest amount of infections with 101,739 cases as of the time of writing, according to Worldometers. It also has the highest death count among all the affected countries with 11,591 in total since its first reported case on Jan. 29.


The country has been placed under a strict lockdown since March 10 after Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte made a nationwide order. Those who are inside the country are not allowed to leave their homes after 6 p.m. as authorities also placed a ban on public events.


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