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Justifiable gloom an doom for some

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Thailand still only generates between 11 to 15% of its GNP by Tourism. Depending on what statistic is to be believed. In Pattaya it's likely to be between 70 to 80%. With some exeptions, most Thai's

As soon as i flew out of my mother I was doomed...

This will take six months to get through but I’d be surprised if Pattaya wasn’t up and running again in 2021.   I’ve never witnessed a situation were people around the world were largely in the

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5 hours ago, Dexlowe said:

Much has been said about this already. So maybe this thread could morph into one about security and how to go about protecting against the seemingly inevitable rise in crime. For example, I have urged my daughter to always lock the car doors when out. If on the motorbike, she should always look around her for anyone suspiciously following her. And if anyone suspicious comes near her to be ready to throw away some smaller notes.

Are these not standard measures anywhere?

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1 hour ago, HashBrownHarry said:

Are these not standard measures anywhere?

True. But people do let their guard down when times are not so fraught. And, this looks to be the very worst of times ahead of us.

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7 minutes ago, Leaver said:

Pattaya will not fall into a giant hole in the ground, never to be seen again.


When this crisis is over, Pattaya will not be the same, and the hospitality and tourism industry here will take some rebuilding.  It will be a slow process.  


Pattaya, post virus, may not be a place many western expats would like to live, or many western tourists would like to visit in the future.


The buildings will still be standing, but all the empty buildings here will be the results of the economic destruction this virus will have caused. 

Yep and to put that into perspective both Flipper Lodge and Sabai Lodge close today....Could you imagine that announcement on any other April 1st !

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