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Justifiable gloom an doom for some

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18 minutes ago, Chivas said:

Yep and to put that into perspective both Flipper Lodge and Sabai Lodge close today....Could you imagine that announcement on any other April 1st !

The closure is understandable.  The question is, will they reopen, and when?

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Thailand still only generates between 11 to 15% of its GNP by Tourism. Depending on what statistic is to be believed. In Pattaya it's likely to be between 70 to 80%. With some exeptions, most Thai's

As soon as i flew out of my mother I was doomed...

This will take six months to get through but I’d be surprised if Pattaya wasn’t up and running again in 2021.   I’ve never witnessed a situation were people around the world were largely in the

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42 minutes ago, donnacha said:

would give the government more secrecy and control over the narrative than if they built new tent hospitals in Bangkok.


Boy this could sure be interpreted a few different ways.......

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On 4/1/2020 at 2:24 PM, Ebumbu said:

Time to legalize recreational ganja. It can be enjoyed at a safe distance from others. Look what it did for Colorado. 

Did they lose their grasp on reality too?

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