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With 2020 race all but halted over coronavirus, Biden quietly widens lead over Trump - Reuters/Ipsos poll

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Sort of hoists Trump haters on their own petard..look, Biden is winning! Oh that poll that shows Trumps approval rating is a lie.   If you have watched Bidens recent interviews on TV, you ha

Rapid mental decline seems to be a requirement for high office in the US.

Maybe time to read up on polling before commenting.

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6 minutes ago, bristolboy said:

Can you please cite a poll that was "done absolutely positively and without fail" a totally perfect poll. Polls can't be totally perfect. If they were, there wouldn't be such a thing as a margin of error. As for predictions of outcomes: Five thirty eight gives the Fox News/Beacon Research poll an A-. Fox gave Biden a 9 point lead.  It has a successful election prediction rate of 72%. Ipsos has a rate of 71%. 

Tell that to stevenl, I was merely pointing out how polls are not done as he believes they are and that the numbers are never right, that was my point.

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52 minutes ago, izod10 said:

Biden was finished years ago. Neil Kinnock ,English politician, delivered a speech years ago.  Biden copied it word for word months later. Really one gormless idiot

English? 🤔

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3 hours ago, Cryingdick said:

For another 4 years...

Sadly, there is more than an even chance of that happening.

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