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British family relocated to Thailand a week before coronavirus closed down the island - now they’re homeless and without work

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Dumb and dumber, hope they learn from their silly mistakes. Time to go back to the UK when flights available if you ask me.
Doubt they would have lasted long without the coronavirus. 

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Other than him appearing to be working or trying to work without the correct visa and WP I do not see their problem. They just sold their car and house in Devon so will be sitting with millions of bah

Completely irresponsible parents. Moving to a foreign country with their two young children during a PANDEMIC and seemingly working illegally. Then advertising in the world media they are working ILLE

I see a gofundme coming...

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They have Baht in the bank.........

Money to stay in apartment/ hotel/guesthouse....

Many many Thais have zero money, no homes and nothing to survive the next few months...

Many expats are struggling more than these two.....

Why move your kids and then come up with a fairy story such as this?(at anytime nevermind a pandemic.....

Go fund me page I hope is ignored by everyone...



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3 minutes ago, NoComment said:

Go fund me page I hope is ignored by everyone...

There will be a lot more deserving cases on GFM in the coming weeks...

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7 minutes ago, Lacessit said:


Corn is the stuff that comes on cobs, also called maize. Australia produced about 440,000 tonnes of it last year, mostly in irrigated areas. A thirsty crop. We would not waste it on cattle feed.


Oh but you do:


"In the 1980s and 1990’s, barley and triticale were the pre-dominant grains fed to Australian dairy cows. However, since the late 1990’s, wheat has become more commonly used. Other grains fed to dairy cows, particularly in the more northern dairying regions of Australia, are maize grain and sorghum."


Google Dr Steve Little "feeding maize grain to dairy cows in Australia"


Probably things have changed a bit since 1953.


I'm not saying that the corn-fed Australian beef was bad, it was very good. It's just not as good as Argentinian, Italian or Irish beef, that's all. That Australia allows hormones in beef, which is banned in Europe, is not exactly a mark of quality.



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Were these two born stupid, or were they dropped in their heads at an early age ? Obviously have a total disregard for the laws of the country.

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9 hours ago, TopDeadSenter said:

Other than him appearing to be working or trying to work without the correct visa and WP I do not see their problem. They just sold their car and house in Devon so will be sitting with millions of baht in the bank. They should just enjoy the next few months of holiday in Phangan and when the world returns to normal decide what to do. They are in a much better position than 99% of the rest of us.

How do you know they have millions?  Old car?  Not so nice house with a large loan on it?

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21 minutes ago, dlclark97 said:

I can't believe anyone would come here now to work in the dive industry.  Over the last 3-4 years many of Thailand's liveaboards moved to Indonesia and Malaysia.  Now even they are in the same boat (pun intended) as everyone else.  SCUBA in Thailand is just not what it used to be and it was getting harder and harder for the liveaboards to even come close to filling their boats for 4-7 day dive excursions.  Until recently many of these boats that had moved to Indonesia and Malaysia were fully booked months in advance and even had wait lists for trips that were months away.  There are organizations working in conjunction with the Thai Navy harvesting and replanting corals in the many areas that have been devasted by over fishing and from boats dropping their anchors on the coral reefs and from the polluted runoff from what are sometimes torrential rains that wash all the dirt and sewage from the tsreets into the ocean.  Pattaya once had pristine corals and abundant marine life a short ways from the shore.  Now it's a great place to dive if you like sea urchins and little else.  

My wife and I both got out open water certification on Dark Tao. Worst diving of my life. Ten dives and never visibility better than three to four meters. I can see why the industry is dying. Andaman is far better but like you say, mostly live aboards. Indonesia diving can be stunning. Thailand is not even a pale shadow of that experience. 


And many do not want to have anything to do with Dark Tao, as it's reputation is horrendous. Plus it is really overpriced. Phangan has its charms. 

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3 minutes ago, WhereIsMyRyeBread said:

And why wouldn't you get a proper Chesterfield sofa, armchair with a matching Ottoman? 

It's a timeless classic and fantastic furniture. 

I did get an Ottoman, it's great to put your feet on and to put your diet coke, you can also use it as a coffee table. Splendid piece.


Chesterfields, no a bit too 19th century. All those buttons maybe made sense in the 19th century but these days you can get smooth materials that are stain resistant, no abundance of silly buttons required. 


You should make sure your sofa has springs though, those cheap cushion sofas are very poor.

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7 hours ago, Logosone said:

You live on 1875 paying two rents in Bangkok, university fees for son? How do you do that? 


This family has two children, they got in trouble through no fault of their own. They had, and still have financial reserves. But due to the lockdown and social distancing  mania the man can not do the job he was hired to do. It doesn't look like they expected anyone to look after them. The woman is working as well.


I see this more as a first casualty of the unnecessary lockdown overreaction.

One we lived in Pattaya at the time our rent 30k,our sons rent 2500 baht ,shared university accomodation with his cousin , him 12k a month to spend ,the rest our lecy ,wi fi etc so plenty to spend on food . no problem,i admit i must have taken some out of our savings to pay his uni fees,

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