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British family relocated to Thailand a week before coronavirus closed down the island - now they’re homeless and without work

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Other than him appearing to be working or trying to work without the correct visa and WP I do not see their problem. They just sold their car and house in Devon so will be sitting with millions of bah

Completely irresponsible parents. Moving to a foreign country with their two young children during a PANDEMIC and seemingly working illegally. Then advertising in the world media they are working ILLE

I see a gofundme coming...

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15 minutes ago, jackdd said:

They sold their house and car, but in 2-3 months they won't have money anymore?

Weren't many travel warnings issued in February already, but they still decided to fly in March?

One would think they made a smart move to sell their house before the unemployment skyrockets and the house values plunge. However with all the money printing it may go the other way and they may end with some wallpaper to use. Who knows...

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Remember when we came over here to live ,the wife and i arranged a school for our boy and a home ,before we even brought him over,some people just are stupid and dont plan ahead ,we spent months doing it .andwe had my wifes family here where we could stay if we wanted.

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The ones I feel sorry for are the two children, the less than responsible parents are old enough to fend for themselves.

Perhaps they are hoping a "special case for assitance" or the good folk of Devon will assist them. 

This appearing in the papers will possibly see them residing in a deprtation centre if they have really run out of funds.

Where were they living when they arrived? 

Poor financial planning


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