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British family relocated to Thailand a week before coronavirus closed down the island - now they’re homeless and without work

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1 hour ago, taninthai said:

Sounds like dumber and dumber to me,,come looking for work in thailand with no correct visa just when high season is finishing,,,,,,fly out of Uk in the middle of a pandemic ignoring government advice not to travel,,,ignore government warnings 2 weeks ago that if you want to leave thailand make plans now,,,,,,, I could go on and on🙈🙈🙈🙈.

These people are an example of lack of foresight and the inability to make a coherent decision, very immature people. Go home 

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Other than him appearing to be working or trying to work without the correct visa and WP I do not see their problem. They just sold their car and house in Devon so will be sitting with millions of bah

Completely irresponsible parents. Moving to a foreign country with their two young children during a PANDEMIC and seemingly working illegally. Then advertising in the world media they are working ILLE

I see a gofundme coming...

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2 minutes ago, 19DL86 said:


Sorry but I think this is a rather absurd comment.  I can't see how on Gods earth they can be classed in the 1% of us?!?!  Whereby or according to you they re in a better position than 99% of us.
Homeless, skint, burdened by their 2 infant children, 8,000 miles from home, in a foreign country where there's a crippling virus, travel bans, Illegally working (possibly)..... And once this situation improves, it's then most likely no funds for their airfare back to the UK.  Then where upon arrival they ll be homeless, skint, and at the end of a very very long queue for anywhere to live.
I now dirt farmers in Isaan whom are ten fold better off.  You must move in strange circles.

when you quote a post within an already quoted post the name gets delinked from the original post, if you want to quote a post go to the original post not a quote of one - you will see my name attached to the post you quoted - I didn't post it

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18 minutes ago, Lacessit said:

You want me to do the work you should have done before posting? I have no idea what their visa status is, and neither do you.

Wrong again. We know they arrived in KPG just before the lockdowns started so that would some time in 2nd half of march, and we know their visas are soon to expire, so they are on either a 14 day VOA(entered over land border from neighboring country) or on a 30 day VOA from international air arrival.

 I had a nonB and WP for decades, for different jobs with different companies. My visa stamps were for either 90 days or with extensions a year. There is no NON-B visa with a work permit that only allows you a 30 day stamp.

 Again please tone down the aggression, this is not a thread about Australian arson attacks, and re-read and carefully consider the available facts at hand here. 

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1 hour ago, RandolphGB said:

Completely irresponsible parents. Moving to a foreign country with their two young children during a PANDEMIC and seemingly working illegally. Then advertising in the world media they are working ILLEGALLY.  (Read the article in the link, the mother says she’s now teaching English online and they have renewed their visas for 30 days, which indicates tourist visas).

maybe they had attended an IO; that 'only' Issues 30days for 1900 - no matter whatever Visa one is on?

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9 minutes ago, cornishcarlos said:


Being British and having to extend already after 1 month, then it would more than likely be a Visa Exempt entry....

Which would make their story even more ridiculous 🙂

Must have been a <deleted> car that they sold, otherwise the money from that should support them for a couple weeks at least !!

The article says that they maybe wanted to move on after being in the island they are in now.


Could it be they took the sensible decision to explore SEAsia before deciding to settle down?


When she says she can only survive for 3 months, if they have 20,000 GBP it could also be she is keeping sizeable reserve amount in mind, say 5000 GBP, to cover return flights and initial set up in the new place. That would then spread the 15000 GBP over four months. A monthly cost of 3750 GBP is perfectly possible in Thailand, with a family of four that requires a large house and most likely expat shopping.

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1 minute ago, smedly said:
7 minutes ago, ratcatcher said:


               April's Fools?

if it is it is rather poor 555

...and MrP'ss recently upping the ante on Fake News!

 - they might expect a visit soon...

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