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British family relocated to Thailand a week before coronavirus closed down the island - now they’re homeless and without work

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Other than him appearing to be working or trying to work without the correct visa and WP I do not see their problem. They just sold their car and house in Devon so will be sitting with millions of bah

Completely irresponsible parents. Moving to a foreign country with their two young children during a PANDEMIC and seemingly working illegally. Then advertising in the world media they are working ILLE

I see a gofundme coming...

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In a news article i read about them yesterday. It said they extended there visa's which cost £500 gbp!!, some lies being told by these guys or the news.

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3 hours ago, scorecard said:

Agree, they came here when there were already very serious Covid 19 problems, infections, large scale death in many countries (China and Italy just 2 examples. Idiots.




But, as we all know, not in Thailand.


Thailands brilliant handling of the situation had resulted in far, far fewer casualites (1 death?) than S.Korea.


S. Korea being held up as an example of outstanding handling of the situation. 


Why should the happy family (and all the happy tourists who continued to arrive) have been concerned?



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It is no more difficult for his family than the others who have been stranded around the world
p.g.a coronavirus
He is a sneak trying to get sympathy.


The world screams wolf but only sheep are coming.

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This forum never ceases to amaze me how so many 'experts' there appear to be! Then there are those who bicker off topic and can't be proven wrong. I notice that during this period, there are even more 'experts' and cases.

How can any of us know or even predict how much equity this family had in their house and car?! And the same for their visa status.


Back on the topic (which should be an April Fool), there's a 16-year age gap between the parents.

The dad will be 60 by the time the kids are into their teens.

Koh Phangan has pretty average diving, and yes it's near the end of the season.

Very foolish parents, if it's a true story. But the mum's tattoo might suggest that she's someone who acts without thinking in the longer term.


As the first couple or replies pointed out, WHY IS THIS NEWS?


Anyway, it keeps members happy because we're up to 7 pages in as many hours! 

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4 minutes ago, 2long said:

Back on the topic (which should be an April Fool), there's a 16-year age gap between the parents


Murdoch had kids in his 80s

How many TVP have younger children and they are over 60?


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20 minutes ago, Trujillo said:


What does that mean? 

Sold everything? Came with little kids? 


My BS-dar is screaming WARNING!



Relocated means to move to Thailand without having a plan. I only feel sorry for the kids, to be honest.

These people do not look like they could homeschool them. 

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3 hours ago, Grumpy John said:

I vaguely remember dad had a saying for dumb Rs's like them "Ships for brains" or something like that.

I Think You'll find Yer Dad said..................S*IT for Brains,Mate !!

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1 hour ago, Bert got kinky said:


A house here costs 35,000 if it is of any any quality with a good pool.

Oh of course, to survive here you will definitely need a luxury house with a good pool, I'm sure that the house that they sold in the UK also had a pool.


I spend 30,000 Baht on food alone every month.

Really, how much food do you eat?

Are you getting your food flown in on your own private jet?


I'm talking about European families living a lifestyle they are used to.

And I'm talking about a family are claiming that they are fighting to survive.

The lifestyle that you are suggesting would be out of reach for most UK families in their own country and indicates a lifestyle far above the lifestyle they are used to.


I'm not talking about Thai families

Why not, they have to survive the same as everyone else, they don't need a palace with a swimming pool to get by.


Just because you are so wasteful with your money it does not mean that everyone else has to waste the same amount as you to have an enjoyable lifestyle.

I have lived here for over 20 years and I have never seen any other expats with bills and expenditure as large as yours.

I stand by my earlier statement that most Expat families could easily survive on 75,00 Baht per month, the fact that you can't comes down to your own personal lifestyle choices and does not reflect the average expat family living in Thailand.








It's 40 degrees in Thailand, why would you not get a house with a pool? Plus if you have two kids it's practically an essential.


I'm not getting my food flown in on a private jet, but a small pack of Boursin is 250 Baht, a pack of Prosciutto 300 Baht, two Australian Ribeyes 360 Baht, Waitrose croissants 290 Baht, it all adds up. With a family of four you can easily spend 30,000 Baht.


I don't think spending 3000 pounds a month is a lifestyle above what this UK family of four is used to.


"The median annual earnings for full-time employees in the United Kingdom was approximately 30.35 thousand British pounds in 2019. "



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4 hours ago, OneeyedJohn said:

I am saving my sympathy for all the hungry elephants in Thailand.

Yes, they didn't have a choice.

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