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True Move Questions Top Op and Internet

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Hey all

My GF is in another province at the moment.  She lost her regular internet in her area and they say they can't fix it for 1 to 2 weeks.

I said I pick up an 30 day internet package for her


She says she uses True Move but her brother does everything for her and she has no idea how to top up the sim or pretty much anything else when it comes in regards to her phone, typical:)


I have DTAC, I just go to 7 11 and top up my SIM via online using my phone number then I usually buy a 30 day internet package.

Can I do the same with True Move?  How can I top up her card and do I just use her number and also suggestions on a reasonable internet package?


Thank you

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You can top her phone up at the orange Boontherm machines outside 7-11/Family Mart or within the convenience stores if they have an online service.


But, unless she needs to keep a particular number, it is cheaper for her to purchase a separate SIM for now. Can go back to her normal SIM once Internet has been reintroduced to her area.

50 baht for new SIM. 200 baht for unlimited data at 10 Mbps. If she needs unlimited voice calls, another 50 baht.


Whereas to add a similar data package to an existing SIM would either be impossible or very expensive.

How long has she kept the same number?

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You can also purchase mobile number top ups using online services like Lazada. 


Also, if her mobile phone supports 2 SIM Cards she an purchase a second SIM Card with Internet Package set up and just add that (insert it) into her phone. If it requires a top up then you an do that online, as I mentioned above.


If she has an Apple iPhone, they only allow the single SIM Card, so someone would need to top up her current mobile number then add Internet to the service. Usually the mobile phone sellers can set the phone up, but given they're mostly closed at the moment she'd have to find someone just as knowledgeable to set the phone up properly if needed.

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5 hours ago, Barley said:

How do you get the 200 TBH deal for unlimited data at 10 Mbps for a new SIM? 


Also for foreigners? All operators? 


Go to network provider and request it. You'll pay up to 50 baht for the SIM and 200 baht for the package. They might also still offer an unlimited call package for another 50 baht.


They are codes available if you prefer to apply them yourself.

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