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Brits in Thailand wanting to return to UK should go NOW - expats urged to register with Embassy

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If you are currently here you can self isolate , the safest option for reducing the chances of getting infected.   On a crowded airplane , sitting with hundreds of other people in very close

No problem, but then there is no need to complain. Or maybe that is deep rooted in the culture?

Thailand is the lesser of two evils, better to stay and jump through the hoops

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1 hour ago, Canuck1966 said:

I'm still waiting for return of my daughter's passport and they have closed the passport office in Bangkok

Are these people thick?

YES.....YES...YES Thick as bricks..............


Sorry but for a long time I always wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but from now on going to call them out for what they are............clowns. 

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15 minutes ago, Liverpoolfan said:

Are they paying for our flights?

Last I looked they were going for 80,000 one way.

Think i'd rather stay here.



Don't you think yer life is worth 80,000 or more?

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1 hour ago, Canuck1966 said:

What makes you write that genius comment?

Statistics show far less cases in Thailand than the UK. The NHS is run ragged with hospitals flooded with Corona patients. If you know of any health workers in the UK discuss the situation with them before leaving. 



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