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Brits in Thailand wanting to return to UK should go NOW - expats urged to register with Embassy

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On 4/2/2020 at 5:23 AM, Liverpoolfan said:

oh great, so I will be stuck in Frankfurt for god knows how long whilst the whole of Europe is on lockdown.

Use your noggin mate.

They bombed our chippie don't forget.....

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If you are currently here you can self isolate , the safest option for reducing the chances of getting infected.   On a crowded airplane , sitting with hundreds of other people in very close

No problem, but then there is no need to complain. Or maybe that is deep rooted in the culture?

Thailand is the lesser of two evils, better to stay and jump through the hoops

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Stay or go? A bit like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. Obviously if here for just a holiday you should go if you can; but i would say why were you here knowing about the Coronavirus situation before you left. Getting back is no longer easy.


I live here, but usually go back to the UK once or twice a year. I was about to book a ticket in late January but was getting concerned about the virus then - and once the Chinese lockdown happened decided not to go in May. Quick bit of research told me the world would be deep into a pandemic by April, no ifs, no buts. Obviously hasn't quite developed as i expected but on a similar trajectory. Started stocking up in Early February and advised family members in UK to do so as well - so no last minute panic buying at Sainsbury's necessary for them 2 weeks ago.


Should i have returned to UK? Only plus really is the NHS and free treatment. I didn't want to return in winter, last time i did that caught a bad cold which lasted 3 weeks, wrecked my stay.

I usually stay with my brother, who is 70 - I am sure he would love me quarantining myself in his house for 2 weeks ....... And i have a wife and child here in Thailand, if i left who knows how long before you can return.


The UK has, of course, like the USA totally screwed this up. They should have gone into top gear 2 months ago, not 2 weeks. To late now for those new ventilators, masks and protective equipment. The NHS has already or will run out of everything within a week. The film 'A bridge too far' comes to mind. Predictions i saw in January did reckon that health systems around the world would be overwhelmed in April - that still looks likely, but might take until May. And i doubt that any of these European lockdowns will achieve control before July - what state the world by then?


Fortunately do not need any more interaction with Immigration before July and have enough cash to last until then as well. Did try to get Coronavirus insurance - 3 times. Each time they said, Yes, but we need to get back to you, Of course they never did.


Oh well, suffocate in the heat or rely on a good triage decision in the UK. Neither looks wonderful.

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