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Contagion raging because employees not sent home: health chief

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Im not sure why Thailand seems to think we can just fudge by, and get away with a lasse faire attitude to CVD19. We need a LOCKDOWN and to GET REAL about this, or the country may never recover from th

Has Anutin finally been put out to grass?

We are all missing the big picture, as we are not being told the truth but a pack of lies.  If the numbers are as low as they say, why the near total shutdown, and limited curfew.......please tell us

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56 minutes ago, Shocked said:

Many places closed to the public but makes it's employees go to work. What idiots. Shut Thailand down for 3-4 weeks would hopefully stop the spread of this virus. But Thai owners don't give a rats ass about their employees. 


Anutin stated it in an interview. They don't want to use up their assets. If business keeps going, they spend less on helping the people.. 

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Work from home in Thailand? You gotta be joking! The Thai government is addicted to paper; can you imagine people ferrying trolleys full of photocopies from the office, to work from their 30 sqm condos? WFH would be simply disguised paid unemployment. And I refrain from commenting on the attitude of the unsupervised average Thai worker. There is no alternative to lock down and food stamps.

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Maybe Thailand could follow Singapore:


COVID-19: Firms that do not allow telecommuting where 'reasonably practicable' may be issued stop-work order, says Josephine Teo

SINGAPORE: Companies that do not allow telecommuting wherever possible may be issued a stop-work order, said Manpower Minister Josephine Teo on Tuesday (Mar 31). 

In a press conference held by the multi-ministry task force tackling the COVID-19 outbreak, Mrs Teo said the manpower ministry is looking at levelling fines and other penalties on such companies, who do not arrange for flexible work arrangements that might help to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 



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Completely predictable, TiT. The only thing that will work is to get the tanks on the streets, Otherwise it's the deadly cultural flaw at work, maibpenrai.

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