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Selling on ebay/EMS shipping with COVID

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Hi All,


I sell the occasional computer component on eBay and other bits for the family if need be,


I was set to list a few graphics cards one of which will go for a fair bit, just wondering... I usually use EMS tracked around 800-1200b depending on its weights which is usually around 1-2kg,


First question is, are the postal services closed? I googled the main countries I sell too and it seems US/Canada etc are fine:
So am I best even using EMS as I always have?  I notice when I say ship to Canada ill use the EMS tracking it will be very slow, then if I use the Canada post after a few days its alot more up too date, I would assume DHL/Fedex etc are alot better. I say that becuase I have had a few parcels go off and the staff gave me wrong tracking numbers just because my Thai isnt very good so cant fault them but with ebay you must keep it tracked if anything.


So whats the best postal service to send out too globally not just in terms of price for 1-2kg, 

Is Covid affecting any or all of these services?


Is anyone else selling on ebay here in Thailand? I notice Thailand is lacking in any real market places with lazada being impossible for us to sign up, offerup I dont think accepts Thailand, not sure of any others. (fb market place is great for buying as ppl sell for cheap)


Be great to mingle with other ebay sellers here, I am not doing it for business but over the years I have faced a good few issues with postal but over all its pretty good, before all this I could use EMS and have it tracked anywhere sometimes in just 7 days. I have had the other side, tracking numbers not properly entered and the buyer stating it didnt arrive with my 0 proof.



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