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What new requirements 4 foreigners to enter Thailand

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Believe I read where Health Insurance is now required to enter Thailand? Who out there has more details? 

On what are the total requirements needed to get the short term Visa at the airport in Bangkok?

My main question is this: Ro0jai.com offers a: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Insurance for a very reasonable price: 

Question: Is this ($15 a YEAR) Coronavirus Insurance Enough to Get into Thailand? If NOT, what else is needed?

Thanks in advance and Remember, Have a great time in Thailand, but, probably more important than ever, Safety First...

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52 minutes ago, canuckamuck said:

Is it possible, if you have a Visa and minor children and a wife in Thailand?


I suggest you have your wife call 1111 and ask about a waver for you travel to here.

There is waiver mentioned for Thailand here. https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news/1580226297.htm


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Actually think you'll find that it is now out of date, as of this evening. 

Looks like airport/ports/borders will be shut down for any arriving passengers/people (even Thais) until mid April at least, so that proper quarantine/isolation methods can be implemented. So basically Thailand is shut to all foreigners for the forseeable future.

(Probably some exceptions, but would need PM approval).. 

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