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British travellers left stranded in Thailand accuse airlines of cashing in on COVID-19 crisis

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British travellers left stranded in Thailand accuse airlines of cashing in on COVID-19 crisis





British travellers in Thailand struggling to return home due to the COVID-19 pandemic have accused airlines of cashing in by charging extortionate prices for flights.


Travellers also said that some airlines were charging hefty fees to amend existing bookings, while others said that airlines were refusing to issue refunds for cancelled flights.


Earlier this week, a British woman revealed she had to pay almost  £5,000 to fly back to the UK from Bangkok after her original flight, which cost just £1,300, was cancelled.


Another British couple told a local news site in the UK that they are currently stranded in Phuket after their £5,000 flight was cancelled, not once but twice.


While embassy staff work round the clock to help Brits left stranded in Thailand, over on the UK in Thailand Facebook page, there are numerous messages from travellers criticising airlines and accusing them of price gouging.


One poster said that Emirates refused to issue a refund, saying they could only give her travel vouchers once the airline began running again. 


Another poster explained that while he could not get a flight, he also had the issue of his passport being almost full. 


I cant get a commercial flight from Thailand because Emirates have my money and my passport is nearly full.What can I do? I have 2 young kids with me I cant make an extension with a nearly full passport and cant make a new passport since the agency is closed.


Another poster complained of the amount Qatar was offering for an economy ticket:


I looked at Qatar Airways the other day for LHR. 175,000 baht one way. Taking 35 hours. Terrible. We will get you home is Qatar Airways strap line. Yes, at a price only movie stars can afford. 175,000 baht- economy!


KLM was also accused of hiking up prices:


Klm have no flights available until 13th April and then its £10000 for 2 adults, and 2 babies.


Meanwhile, another poster who had recently returned to the UK claimed there were still plenty of seats available on her flight, suggesting that many tickets had gone unsold.


We arrived back at Heathrow this morning on Qatar airways flights from Phukett then Doha. Neither flight was full- I counted at least 25 empty seats in economy and most business class were empty.


But one poster offered a glimmer of hope for people still wanting to return to the UK:


I got one yesterday (Manchester) for 16000 baht, 17 hrs, with Qatar.flying on April 9th .. So the cheaper ones in Economy are there.


And a search by Thaivisa this morning revealed that some airlines - including Eva Air still appeared to have reasonably priced flights back to the UK available. 




For anyone still wanting to return to the UK from Thailand, the official advice from the British Embassy in Bangkok is go as soon as possible.


British nationals who are still in Thailand but who want to fly back to the UK are urged to register with the embassy as per the instructions below:


✉️ [email protected]

International travel is becoming more difficult with the closure of land borders and further restrictions are being introduced daily. We are working to find solutions to this.


If you need to return to the UK but can’t, you can help by sending us the info below:


✅Full name

✅Date of birth

✅Passport number

✅Contact email and telephone number

✅Location and nearest airport

✅Date of entry into Thailand

✅Specific needs e.g. if you are taking medication or have young children.


Each day, the Embassy also releases details of airlines that are still offering flights from Thailand to the UK.


Here is the latest flight information for 1 April 2020.




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-04-02
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28 minutes ago, KhunBENQ said:

Checked again. EVA nonstop. 29.245k tomorrow, 22.655k on April 5 and 7.

Quit whining!


eva 3 weekly direct around 22,000thb for a flight in April, dropping to 13,000 in may

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