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How is your Thai Wife responding to the Coronavirus?

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She's sad and staring through our glass front door.... I told her not to worry, or be sad - that I'll let her back inside when the 14 days are up....

Those of us with real life experience of having a Thai Wife will know that they switch effortlessly from being your lover to your mother via several different personas including accountant, virgin, ny

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Here at the end of the road in darkest south Surin, not much change really.


We were doing brunch take-aways at the nearest PTT instead of the usual sit-down but they seem to have closed entirely now.


B/F has learned to wash his hands about 3 times a day (as opposed to practically never). Wears a mask reluctantly when out. Family - 2 adults & assorted children & adolescents - arrives every day from the farm 40km away to do current 'works' around the place (new khlong along the back & new chook house & yard) but no masks, no washing, just low-productivity labour and lots of eating their way thru my budget ... Life goes on and the plowman homeward plods his weary way.

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Pragmatically, supportive of her family circle. She gave a 30 kg bag of rice to her brother and sister-in-law, who have no money.

She got a good laugh out of the social distancing sex position diagrams. We were experimenting at 5 am this morning.


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8 minutes ago, richard_smith237 said:

How’s my wife holding up ??? Admirably. 


I’m overseas stuck at work, locked down, isolated no chance or return for the foreseeable future. 


My Wife is at home with our 6 year old son, home schooling him, keeping him occupied, keeping them safe, keeping it together so that I have absolutely nothing worry about and feel safe in the knowledge that she’s got it all in hand - its a tough task.


I’m not sure what nationality has do with it (from the Op) but my Wife is Thai, but I’d expect a good lady of any nationality will be able to handle this well if the correct choice in partner has been made in the first place. Its about support and staying level headed.


That my Wife is handling this crisis well is of no surprise to me. I’m also extremely glad of WhatsApp messaging and FaceTime vidoes which helps when I’ll probably be away for a while.


Same here, although my wife doesn't have a kid to help with her education !! 

But the house is getting a good cleaning and the fruit trees and other plants are getting watered lots... She's still smiling, might not be if this goes on past May !!

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36 minutes ago, 4MyEgo said:

Not well, she went out and purchased this game the other day to prepare for it.



You are lucky. My wife has started watching the daily sopies. In the previous 5 years she never turned the TV on during the day. I am beginning to worry.

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@Kinnock you obviously miss your mother and let your wife replace her in your life. There is a massive difference between a wife who worries about you and takes care of you and someone like your wife who you have allowed to take over your life. I bet she decides what you eat, how much alcohol if any you can drink, tells you what time to go to bed and wipes your backside too. Get her to back off or maybe you like it?

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4 hours ago, Kinnock said:

On returning home it’s like a scene from ‘Chernobyl’

all sounds like a touch of self preservation too... but good for you she is doing 'good take care'


my wife is staying home mostly and talking on the phone a lot... keeping a good mood. 

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she's angry


been told to stay at home for 2 weeks because we went on holiday (in thailand) a few weeks ago where there was 1 confirmed case


she cannot go back to work until she has an official covid test


hospital won't test her until after 2 weeks has finished as she has no symptoms

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