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How is your Thai Wife responding to the Coronavirus?

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I kept up to date on the initial outbreak back when (not bragging) everyone was largely asleep about the issue. Thankfully I had just finished read the old novel The Hot Zone about the original Ebola outbreaks.


i started to see things go downhill fast in China, ordered a reasonable amount of N95 back when they were a few dollars each, figuring I’d be required to wear them for my job -silly me not realizing in the West we suicidally resistes wearing masks (guilting people as hoarders or selfish/doctors need them etc) when in fact *now* they are saying we should all be covering our faces (a bit late thanks!).


So now my Thai Wife thinks I’m Nostradamus because we’ve been wearing masks the whole time to hell with what others think. We never hoarded anything but our usual purchasing process is to buy extra in case of a blizzard (North East USA) or job loss etc. The real hoarders are the ones that buy stuff and never use it. Our stuff is in constant use and rotation. We just have enough to help avoid adding to the cross contamination of going out every day to buy stuff like 90% of people do especially in BKK. 

she’s been great and learned to cut my hair (I bought electric clippers before the lockdowns for seeing it being an issue) and she did great. I in turn cut off chunks of her hair with her instructions. I must say I did poorly but we have a few months for my mistakes to grow back 😂 


Toilet Paper was never an issue (didn’t install the bidet hose here but this will prompt me to do it when this blows over).

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She's sad and staring through our glass front door.... I told her not to worry, or be sad - that I'll let her back inside when the 14 days are up....

Those of us with real life experience of having a Thai Wife will know that they switch effortlessly from being your lover to your mother via several different personas including accountant, virgin, ny

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2 hours ago, Lacessit said:

Pragmatically, supportive of her family circle. She gave a 30 kg bag of rice to her brother and sister-in-law, who have no money.

She got a good laugh out of the social distancing sex position diagrams. We were experimenting at 5 am this morning.



     Government  guide lines , 2 metres minimum distance , ref sex diagrams ,   at all times ..


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9 hours ago, Gracas said:

My lady is loving it. She went to AUS early February to visit our son in Melbourne, was due to return 31st March. Flight cancelled now stuck in Melbourne, she didn't want to come back anyway.

And I guess this leaves you with Internet dating, or maybe some escort sites? Mia Noi maybe?

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We are separated now due to the f*** overnight lock down between provinces. Yeah, great stuff, holy F***

But both of us are not afraid of CV but much more of the economical consequences the world will face.

Luckily, we both had our life in good and bad time and we will f*** this Chinese cr*** 2gether

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