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Chumphon update 03 April 2020: more public gathering restrictions....

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English Translation, courtesy of SpeakFree Language Center*:

Topic: Closing the High Risk Areas to Prevent a Covid-19 Crisis*


The COVID-19 pandemic has spread throughout the world. The Thailand Public Health Ministry has annouced COVID-19 as a dangerous infectious disease according to the Communicable Diseases Act of 2015. The Prime Minister along with the cabinet has declared a state of emergency throughout Thailand on 25 March 2020. In addition, Chumphon has one confirmed COVID-19 case.


Under Section 35 (1) Communicable Disease Act of 2015 and section 7 (1) under section 9 of Emergency Decree on Public Administration in an Emergency Situation 2005 signed on 25 March 2020 by the governor of Chumphon along with the infectious disease control committee agreed upon on 1 April 2020 has given the followings orders:


The following high risk areas will be closed:


1. Khao Matsee Tourist Attraction, Paknam Subdistrict, Chumphon
2. Kao Teab Tourist Attraction, Pak Khlong Subdistrict, Pathiu District
3. Tourist Beaches in Pathiu District; Pakkhlong Subdistrict, Chumkho Subdistrict, Saphli Subdistrict, and Bangson Subdistrict
4. Boat harbor of Lomphraya Company, Chumphon Branch 13/7 village No. 3, Haadsairee Subdistrict, Mueangchumphon District


Effective on 3 April 2020 to 30 April 2020.


Signed 1 April 2020
Governor of Chumphon




*Translated by Ku & Ryan Spencer,
SpeakFree Language Center


NOTE: Our translation is not an official notice, you can refer back to the official notice in the Thai Document attached below. Ryan and I have translated this document to try to help foreigners or those who can't read Thai to have a better understanding of the announcement involving everyone who lives in Chumphon.




Chumphon governer covid-19 annoucement 01 April 2020 regarding beaches.jpg

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The closed beaches was referring to the coastal area.  The venues on beach road that are normally open will likely still be open.  For example, restaurants (takeaway only), haircuts, etc.

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