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Dental clinics

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2 hours ago, Lacessit said:

Was refused treatment at the Anjira clinic. Which begs the question of why they were open

I am in the midst of root canal in CM - - they are open for emergency services only... maybe that you are not yet in pain it is not deemed as emergency... 

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16 minutes ago, Will27 said:

Yeah, I noticed.

But they're still open.

Good! I expected that dentists would not be open.

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Situation update. You wouldn't read about it, lost a second filling this morning.

Clinics won't do fillings, but they will do teeth whitening. I'm not going to try to get my head around that.

Refused admission at Overbrook hospital, emergency only. Take pain medication if you have pain.

Kasemrad Sriburin hospital, seen by a lady dentist. A prolonged discussion with my GF, can only treat me if I have severe pain. She gets my GF's number to call when the COVID-19 frenzy is over, which may be in one or two months time.

200 baht for looking in my mouth for a couple of minutes, fair enough because the discussion in Thai took a lot longer.

A bit of a hole in the biosecurity, no hand sanitiser at the cashier, and they are handling my cash and theirs with bare hands.


                   Forget about dental treatment in Chiang Rai, unless you are carried into the hospital screaming in agony.

Unless completely fluent in Thai, or you have a Thai GF/wife, you are up s##t creek in a barbed wire canoe without a paddle in terms of making appointments in the current hysteria.

Will27, feel free to copy and paste in the other forum for information purposes.


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It looks to me that for the foreseeable future we are on our own and there is little chance of anyone coming to our rescue.  If you haven't hunkered down already and made preparations to weather the storm it is going to get very uncomfortable.  It simply isn't business as usual.

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