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Trump negative for coronavirus again, says wearing masks okay

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1 hour ago, Boon Mee said:

Excellent news that Trump is healthy! 😊 



at least on that one type of infection he is, good for him,
how about the result of other health, obsessions and syndrome tests ?

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Excellent news that Trump is healthy! 😊    MAGA 

I'm getting a bit tired of the Trump admirers who use "Trump Hater" as a label. Fact is, his initial downplaying of coronavirus is going to cost a lot of American lives and American jobs. COVID-19 cas

the Doc's had never seen such a tremendously negative test .. In fact it was so negative it was tremendous the Doc's said .. 

Posted Images

Well, at last front line medical staff can relax knowing that a scarf will work just as well as a medical mask.

Thank heavens for the perfectly formed massive brained one....

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5 minutes ago, bristolboy said:

Give the kid a chance? Why would you even consider giving the "kid" a chance? Is that because there's no one out there better qualified?

"It's probably fair to say, based on Trump's meetings with Bill Gates that Trump is not a scientific genius, like with most leaders they will delegate to the experts. Isn't that what Trump is doing?"

Is giving the kid a chance what you call delegating to the experts? Really?

ANd please give up on comparing Merkel to Trump. She appointed politician who had  success in the political field to a political position.  She didn't appoint a relative to a position that he or she was utterly unqualified for. A position that people's lives depended on.

It doesn't really matter if Kushner is a relative. What matters is that the US get things done to fight the pandemic.


Kushner, for all his mistakes, is well placed to do so. And remember in history Churchill made unbelievable errors that cost lives, at Gallipolli and later as well. It is once the dust settles that the people involved will be judged. And we shall see if Kushner did more good than bad or viceversa.


Obviously AKK was totally unqualified for her job, on which lives depended as well, and UvL is not faring a lot better.


When I said Trump is delegating to experts obviously I meant Fauci and others, not Kushner, who as is well established isn't an expert in sciences. 

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Why is it that at his briefings he is at the podium with half a dozen others and none wear masks.

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9 minutes ago, bristolboy said:

"Kushner is well placed to do so." And why is that? Because he's qualified? Why shouldn't a highly qualified person be doing what he's doing? What kind of incompetent lets an unqualified person run a crucial portion of his nation's response to an emergency simply because he's his son-in-law? 

Obviously because he can mobilise resources due to his influence with the president, he also has a team of advisers helping him. 


Let's suppose you're highly qualified. It doesn't mean you can get things done. But meeting the President on a daily basis could mean just that.


Kushner is not running any crucial position related to the pandemic response, is he? He just used his influence with the President to make some rather ill-fated pronouncements.

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For those calling for President Trump to look to the experts for advice...

From NPR:   
Headline: Should We All Be Wearing Masks In Public? Health Experts Revisit The Question 

"We certainly don't have enough masks in health care," says William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University.  

Some research has shown that cotton T-shirt material and tea towels might help block respiratory droplets emitting from sick people, even if the effect is minimal.


"Homemade masks, shawls, scarves and anything that you can conjure up at home might well be a good idea," says Schaffner. "It's not clear that it's going to give a lot of protection, but every little bit of protection would help."




From The New Yorker:
Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles.
But don’t go out and buy N95 or surgical masks. Medical workers in hospitals thick with covid-19 cases need those, and there are not enough even for them. For everyone else, a cloth mask, home-sewn or rigged up, or even a “tucked-in bandanna,” combined with social distancing, would at least be a start. “


IMO: I did not vote for him. but he is the current President of the USA.

Yes he says some really stupid things and has not made the correct decisions 100% of the time, but in the interest of fairness, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. 


His use of the word 'scarves' was suggested by an expert in the context of using an alternative method of protecting others while not depleting already limited resources. 

It would seem some here prefer to just complain, find fault or otherwise provide lazy uninformed comments instead of finding productive ways to support those combating this international crisis.

I fully support a discussion of all matters pertaining to this crisis, though commentary purely based in opinion and in direct contradiction to recognized fact-checking sites or the historical timeline are really not useful.

I would suggest we all look towards ways we can support others both here in Thailand and at home...



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51 minutes ago, tropo said:

As I am getting tired of the incessant whining about him...


Of course you can use "Trump Hater" to describe most people who don't like him. They use every excuse under the sun to disparage him and endlessly insult him in childish ways. There's no middle ground with Trump, you either love him or hate him.


The Dems are claiming that he acted too late and that he is downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic. The USA was the 2nd country to restrict flights from China, just days after Italy. It didn't help them much, did it?


His impeachment trial was from Jan 16 to Feb 5. He restricted travel from China on Feb 2, before he was acquitted, and now those democratic fools are saying he was too late to respond. Under the circumstances he did very well.


His supposed upbeat message about the war on coronavirus is to try to calm down an already panicking public, but Trump haters just don't understand. It should be obvious, but it is ignored, that the factual information about the virus comes from his team of very experienced doctors who just happen to be available for questioning at every WH briefing.

Then I think we can agree we are tired of one another.

i don't hate Trump. I think he's a very successful con man. His other attributes are a matter of record.

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1 hour ago, Justgrazing said:

the Doc's had never seen such a tremendously negative test .. In fact it was so negative it was tremendous the Doc's said .. 

"...another tremendous, beautiful, perfect, wonderful negative test..."

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History will tell a bitter tale ...


Anyone wanting an alternative point of view should read this article.

"When the definitive history of the coronavirus pandemic is written, the date 20 January 2020 is certain to feature prominently. It was on that day that a 35-year-old man in Washington state, recently returned from visiting family in Wuhan in China, became the first person in the US to be diagnosed with the virus the very same day, 5,000 miles away in Asia, the first confirmed case of Covid-19 was reported in South Korea. The confluence was striking, but there the similarities ended." ...



The missing six weeks: .... 

The sad reality is that as the virus penetrates deeper into a population (saturation) many people will die from this virus.


Stay safe and keep calm, America is lite up with COVID 19 like my Christmas Tree!!


For daily stats courtesy of Worldometers






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8 hours ago, Cryingdick said:

Thank the Lord he is okay. At least he gets tested unlike some others.

Before all others as well, no que for him, still third time lucky maybe, I'm sure Pence will be praying for a lucky outcome...for himself.

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1 hour ago, Sujo said:

Why is it that at his briefings he is at the podium with half a dozen others and none wear masks.

It would really help if you actually listened to the briefings.


Here's your answer from the latest briefing:


1:23:10 to 1:24:30  - a reporter asks Trump about their policy on mask-wearing.


1:29:20 to 1:31:19  - Dr Deborah Birx discussing mask wearing in more detail, covering their reasons why it has not yet been mandated.





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