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Looking for a partner dating software/platform

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Looking for a partner in a dating platform/software

For the last couple of years, I have been building great advanced software for the dating industry. The platform works both as an affiliate network and also as a white label dating platform. An unlimited number of websites can be created fast and efficiently in under 20 minutes with unique designs, countries, niches, etc.

I have currently about 10 - 12 dating websites running and have just started to work with affiliates and white label partners and affiliate networks. Extensively advanced features in both front end and backend that we will go thru.

I have everything in place like payment gateways for card payments, company, etc. all are fully operational and active. Also, have around 30 dating domains. All the hard work is done. So now, the time comes to scale up and start make serious money.

It is a very profitable business model, but it's too much to run alone as once new affiliates, and while label site owners and networks are joining, it will be too much to handle. The business is active and ready to scale up.
I have been working with dating for the last 8 years and had my own software/platform for the last 3 years so I would say I have a good experience and knowledge in this area.

What I am looking for :

A serious partner that can work with me to bring it to the next level. No coding knowledge required as I have a development team on board. Marketing, staff management for content moderation, chat, and customer support will be the busy parts at this stage.

I can also consider a passive investor. You will decide how much you want to get involved in the daily work. (if more passive, staff can be hired)

Small Investment to acquiring 50% of the business is just 15k US

Open for different options on how we will run this together. Looking forward to hearing from you
Best Regards

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