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silver sea

Can’t find face mask to buy? Then make your own!

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Use tea towel, T shirt or vacuum cleaner bags.

“There are good reasons to think DIY masks could be effective in tackling the pandemic, as they have been widely used in Hong Kong,Mongolia and South Korea-countries that largely have the disease under control.”



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Here is another article:



Even wearing homemade masks can offer protection, and as they can be made from materials that are readily available, they shouldn't carry the stigma that you're taking a mask away from a health care worker in need. Researchers with Cambridge University tested common household materials for their effectiveness as masks by exposing them to different sized particles.”





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Busty Blanca Blanco shows you how to make a chic leopard print face mask in 15 minutes and it for no more than $5. Unfortunately, you have to look at the photos several times, because your attention gets diverted by her push up cleavage.




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Posted (edited)

Or maybe you could use an old pair of thongs as your face mask (perhaps your girlfriend will let you use hers):



it might remind you of a very old joke:


Tom and Jerry were both laid off, so they went to the unemployment office. When asked his occupation, Tom answered, 'Panty Thong Stitcher.. I sew elastic onto ladies' panties and thongs..'

The clerk looked up Panty Thong Stitcher on his computer and, finding it classified as unskilled labour, he gave him £80 a week unemployment pay. 

Jerry was next in and when asked his occupation replied, 'Diesel Fitter.'  
Since a diesel fitter was a skilled job, the clerk gave Jerry £160 a week.

When Tom found out, he was furious. He stormed back into the office to find out why his friend and co-worker was collecting double his pay. 

The clerk explained: 'Panty Thong Stitchers are unskilled labour, and Diesel Fitters are skilled labour.' 

'What skill?' yelled Tom. 'I sew elastic on panties and thongs, then Jerry puts 'em over his head and says: 'Yep, diesel fitter.'















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Even the US Surgeon, Dr Jerome Adams, wants to show people how to make their own face masks from old T shirts and rubber bands. This is because there is a shortage of face masks to buy in shops.


so don’t take any risks. If you can’t buy a face mask, then make your own.


In my own case in Thailand, I could not buy face mask in shop. The Thai manager at the resort where I am staying offered to order a box of masks for me. I agreed but the box cost 760 baht.


i hadn’t worn masks from the beginning, because I was not convinced they would stop the disease spreading. However, I found that Thais are suspicious of farang who don’t wear mask. Also 7-11s and shopping food malls now require you to wear a mask.


I have got used to wearing the mask when I am on my motorbike or when I go into shops. I wisH now that I had bought a face mask from the beginning. 760 baht is a lot of money for me. I didn’t know at that time it was ok to make your own using T shirts or towels. 

So this thread is to help people make their own masks and so avoid hefty sum of 760 baht.




Indeed, coronavirus face masks can cause all sorts of problems in personal relationships, as shown by this old story, which you have probably heard many times before!


A guy tries to rob a bank


A guy walks into a sperm bank with a coronavirus face mask and a gun and shouts "Everyone on the floor, now! Anyone who moves gets shot full of lead!"

He walks to the terrified receptionist and tells her to fill a bag with all the money they got.

"Buy sir," she says, "this is a sperm bank. We don't keep cash here."

"Don't lie to me! It says Bank on the front. Now fill that bag or I'm gonna kill ya!"

The receptionist opens the safe behind her to show shelves upon shelves with containers filled with sperm.

"You're somehow trying to fool me. I know it!" shouted the robber, "If it's really sperm I want to see you drink it".

The receptionist, scared for her life, opens a container and swallows it in a couple of gulps.

"I still don't buy it! Do another one". This goes on until the receptionist had swallowed 10 containers filled with sperm.

The robber than removes his mask, and to her surprise she sees that it's was her husband all along!

"You see honey? I told you you could do it if you only tried."

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Posted (edited)

Oh dear, if only this poor lady had been reading this thread, she would have known how to make a proper coronavirus face mask.



Just as well she used her knickers/panties. If she had cut her bra in half to make a face mask instead, they would have said she looked a right tit.


BTW, who sits behind a desk in a bank, wearing a mask?

The Loan Arranger.


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Posted (edited)

You could knit your own face masks and you’d be doing the medical community a favour.


“The athlete told fans to use 'whatever' they had to fashion themselves a face mask, after experts urged the public to not purchase masks, as medical staff and immunocompromised people were running low around the world. “






A male corona virus patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose.


A young student nurse appears and gives him a partial sponge bath.

"Nurse,"' he mumbles from behind the mask, "are my testicles black?"

Embarrassed, the young nurse replies, "I don't know, Sir. I'm only here to wash your upper body and feet."

He struggles to ask again, "Nurse, please check for me. Are my testicles black?"

Concerned that he might elevate his blood pressure and heart rate from worrying about his testicles, she overcomes her embarrassment and pulls back the covers.

She raises his gown, holds his manhood in one hand and his testicles gently in the other.

She looks very closely and says, "There's nothing wrong with them, Sir. They look fine."

The man slowly pulls off his oxygen mask, smiles at her, and says very slowly, "Thank you very much. That was wonderful. Now listen very, very closely: 

Are - my - test - results - back?"



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“Time to cut up your cocktail dresses and expensive scarfs! Scientists claim homemade masks made from cotton combined with natural silk or chiffon provide the best protection against coronavirus


‘Protective face masks are in short supply and are reserved for health workers. However, scientists claim effective masks can be made from familiar fabrics. Chiffon between cotton layers can sift out up to 99 per cent of airborne droplets.”








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