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Are you really ready for two years of this?

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2 minutes ago, drbeach said:

I've read plenty of articles about where this could be going or should I say...where they want society to go. However, I seriously doubt anyone is going to accept an 18-24 month lock down. The entire world's economy would collapse, permanently.


While westerners like some of the posters on here may be obedient, trust me, Thais are not going to sit tight for anywhere near that long. If the rebellion at the airport where 100 Thais refused to be quarantined is any guide, make no mistake, an uprising would occur at the latest in 2-3 months and sooner, if food runs out. The authorities don't have the resources to contain the activities of such a large population; they're in the minority.


I give this whole thing 1-2 more months and then it will all be over.

Not really be over , but relaxed again ...as they can not keep this  long time ,same rumors already from western country's

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They  should  just  accept  the death rate and  carry  on,  instead  they'll  lose  more through the economic  crash.

I know I'm not.   https://www.wired.co.uk/article/uk-coronavirus-lockdown-long-term-plan     I think it's obvious by now that the hopes and promises of this virus situati

Well I'm with Jingthing on this. It's likely going to be 2 years just to get the first wave of infections worked through globally and that's assuming that places like Russia and N Korea divulge what's

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3 minutes ago, drbeach said:

67 sqm is a coffin as far as I'm concerned. Far too small to be comfortable.

hence the stay inside the 67sqm is needed …. advised to survive 

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11 hours ago, Dexlowe said:

I'm in NZ right now - perhaps a good place to be to wait out this plague. But I'm separated from my daughter, and I miss her badly. Not being able to jump on a plane at any time and go up there is taking time to sink in. I miss my little home up there, and I miss my relaxed lifestyle and all the things I have become used to over the decades. For all its faults, Thailand was home for 30 years, and it's not easy to just suddenly push that aside. If this goes on for another couple of years, I might be a raving lunatic by the time I can go back.

I'm in the same boat stuck in Australia.Which as you say may be a good thing ATM but I was due to return to Thailand on the 20th .Now the question is the 20th of when? it's been 20+ years for me since I started alternating between here and Thailand.I'm missing my lady and my 2 dogs, even the neighbours I have there are good.All we can do is wait unfortunately.


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we are the last of human kind.  this is the beginning of the end. we asked for this, the smug waring destructive apes that we really are.  one positive is that the planet can heal now.  we are the virus

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An extreme nuisance are the masks. Now don't get me wrong. I understand their need from a health point of view.


But, dammit, they are denying us guys in these trying times the simple pleasure of dwelling on a pretty face. It's happened to me more than once recently that my eyes find a nice pair of legs, move up to dainty hips, then a colorful blouse promising what it hides and then, bang, a freakin' ugly green mask.


How difficult would it be too invent transparent ones?

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47 minutes ago, Why Me said:

I wouldn't worry too much. Look at China. They're limping back to normal after 3 months of draconian measures. Yea, yea, I get they lie but their factories are opening which is visible to the naked eye. And, forget which business paper, I saw their output numbers were surprisingly good given the shutdown, which indicates a fast bounce back, a good portent for other economies.


So, I would say a couple more months, give or take, and most countries will have flattened the curve to the point that they say X infection/death rate is tolerable and go about business as usual.


Sure there will still be hotspots popping up here and there but as long as the general population curve is flat enough, hospitals will be able to cope with localized events.


In any case, I am learning to eat drink and be merry within exactly 67 sq. m.





One of the most sensible quotes in this thread.

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1 hour ago, Monomial said:

Those of you who are retired with guaranteed monthly incomes have absolutely no concept of how bad it is already. People are already growing extremely angry and are not going to accept this for long.  So it definitely won't continue like this for months.

How long will the western governments be able to pay pensions if there are no taxes paid to the governments ?

Guaranteed monthly incomes may be not that certain in the future.

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10 hours ago, Sambotte said:

I am not. I wonder if people are so sheep they would accept this for... ever. 


To bet on a vaccine sound crazy to me. Not sure one will be ok, not sure it will work enough, and pretty sure like for Flu it will not work long term.

Treatment look as much uncertain.


Gouvernements, if i get it correctly, with medical experts, want to avoid hospitals being overwhelmed. Would be ugly.

But economics sick is not exactly a long term solution either.

And well i hope people are still majoritarely alive, and would not accept such a lockdown for ever.


So i would say 2 options :

- Let nature process. Ugly but relatively short, and we can live again.

- Fear-lockdown : what the point to "survive" like that ?... Not to mention it's not THE plague, but ONE pandemy like we know there will be. Not to mention all the others causes of deaths / sickness, but accepted "in hospitals only".

- A mix, most probable, to slow down, but again for years and repeat ? 


What really scares me with this virus thing, is not the virus.

Current estimates for a vaccine are about 18 months from general availability (Chinese could do it shorter since they would have no qualms about using prisoners as guinea pigs bypassing staged testing and doing it in parallel).  This of course would not be available in the middle of the pandemic unless it is slowed considerably.  The goal really is to slow the infection rate to as low as possible (hopefully lower than peak medical capability).  It would take longer to build up herd immunity due to being infected all at once but would have a much lower mortality rate (along with much lower potential disability from non-lethal infections).   Those that were infected, would have the immunity and as the numbers grew over time it would affect the R0 (infection rate), they would also be able to resume a more normal life.   Any R0 (infection rate) of less than one will mean the infection will decrease over time.  If the R0 now is 2 (and no social distancing) and population were 50% immune - it would drop to 1.  With social distancing it would drop to less than one.   The vaccine would be the icing on the cake as it would increase herd immunity as well -- leading to the virus no longer being a threat.  The health professionals believe for the most part a mix is the best solution... it won't be for years... as people will continue to be infected... and the overall percentage of people immune will grow over time... lowering the infection rate... basically eventually starving it to death (most likely worst case scenario - 3 waves).


Basically, what is being asked of us is really a short period of time of inconvenience and hardship for the greater good.  It is not like the flu virus, so it will eventually not become an issue. 


Letting nature progress naturally would of course work, you would have a much higher mortality rate, and a large number of 'survivors' would need longer rehabilitation or life long medical support (higher cost).  They typically publish mortality numbers, but there are other costs that are flying beneath the radar right now because everyone is focused on the mortality rate.

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16 minutes ago, john69 said:

Are you volunteering if the respirators run out?

We could always allow those that want volunteer to sign a waiver saying they waive all future medical needs.  Basically a do not treat waiver.  Maybe a volunteer to be infected waiver as well so we know they won't transmit the virus once they have recovered 🤣 They would become like superheros ...

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1 hour ago, jak2002003 said:

Don't forget all the family and people returning to your village to thier family homes as they are all out of work.  How is everyone there going to have money for food or essentials after a few months of lock down or curfew?   

My village is a gated middle class community in SanSai.

I'm visibly the poorest person living here.

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