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Thailand reports 89 new coronavirus cases, one more death

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Dropping below 100 is a welcome sign, but one Swallow, a summer doth not make. I seriously hope that the corner is being turned here, but maybe a little premature to breathe too easy, especially while

Right, it's going down... Get those Chinese tourists back in !!!

Tests ?? Now you say... No-one told them they were supposed to be testing !!!

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35 minutes ago, champers said:

This time next week we will all be sat in our favourite bars; a girl on each arm; drinking a toast to the great leader.

You might wake up from that nightmare shortly. Or is it 'Sweet Dreams are made of this, Who am I to disagree? 

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5 minutes ago, spermwhale said:

Have you thought maybe they are not testing that many because not many people are showing up at hospital with symptoms? If you have symptoms they will test you. 


Oh ok leave it to the people to go and get tested once they have the symptoms, that'll do it...............dream on

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3 hours ago, eeworldwide said:

It's not going down. They're just not testing large amounts of people!!!! People are now collapsing on trains and in the streets. 
It's not getting better - it's only just begun.

Do you have evidences?

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